Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sixty-five years ago today...

Lily of the valley the official flower for May.

It was also the featured flower...
at my parents' wedding on this very day in May...
sixty-five years ago.

The year was 1948...
and they were married at East Aldergrove Mennonite Brethren Church.

They went on a one-day honeymoon...
to Vancouver.
The honeymoon was short-lived...
since the great flood of  1948 swept in the following day.
Their new home in Greendale stood under water...
and it was months until it was once again inhabitable.
My mom returned to live with her parents...
and dad camped out at his place of employment.
And so began their marriage.

We heard that story on occasion...
and observed firsthand throughout the years that the hardships of life do not mean defeat.
They were committed to each other...
'till death did them part'
...and we never doubted that.

Today I am thankful for parents who loved each other...
loved their family...
and modeled commitment.

Mom passed away 13 years ago...
but this day was always special to her (to them)...
and so today I am remembering!

The wedding.
The flowers.
The dress that the mice destroyed.
The flood that dashed their dreams temporarily.
The love that withstood many waters over the years.
And I am recalling the last big anniversary celebration we shared with them.
We marked their 50th anniversary with a family cruise through the Panama Canal.
We thought that there would be many more anniversaries to celebrate in the future.
There weren't. 

Once again I am reminded that...
Today is a gift.
Let's celebrate it.


  1. Beautiful post Judy. Your parents sure got off to a rough start in their marriage but love and faith helped them prevail. It's wonderful that you got to go on a cruise with them to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Each day is a treasure not to be taken for granted. Blessings to you as you remember your parents on this day. Pam

  2. This is so lovely, Judy. The stories of family handed down through the years tell of faithfulness and love, and other lessons to learn. East Aldergrove MB church was my family's home church and I attended many services and weddings there as my aunts and uncles married. The old building is gone now, but I remember the curved vault, the green painted walls and the men and women sitting on opposite sides of the church, with the more modern mixed group in the center. And to me, the church always felt chilly.
    Oh my, I did go off on a tangent there. Love this post.

  3. Wow...that was quite the beginning to their marriage. Love the memories retold with great photos. Now I have some questions for my folks and the beginning of their marriage. The lily of the valley is beautiful!

  4. How nice that lily of the valley will always trigger fine memories of your parents for you. Their storybook happily ever after had a bit more drama than anyone would have wanted but it sure made the story more interesting.

  5. Such sweet memories tinged with poignancy. (My parents were married on May 23 sixty years ago...odd that my sister and I found ourselves on that very anniversary traveling past the Methodist Church where they married...we didn't plan it. Their marriage did not end nearly so well, though I know that everything works out in the end.) What a darling bouquet...

  6. I love Lily of the Valley and yours look beautiful! What a great story of love and perserverance. I too am thankful for a "goodly heritage" and parents who truly loved each other! Celebrate today indeed.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your parents and their bond in marriage :-)


  8. How wonderful to have such sweet memories and thank you for sharing with us! Your Lily of the Valley looks lovely!
    God bless,

  9. Such a wonderful tribute to your parents. The years seem to go by so fast. I love Lily of the Valley and your bouquet is ever so pretty.

  10. Such a wonderful tribute to your parents. The years seem to go by so fast. I love Lily of the Valley and your bouquet is ever so pretty.

  11. Thanks so much for your lovely post about your parents wedding day. I just thought I would mention that my parents were charter members at East Aldergrove(1947) and I was born that year and attended that church until 1950. My husband lived in Greendale and was moved to Vancouver because of the flood with his mother while his Dad helped work the dikes. Now, how is that for lives intersecting in blogdom. Irene

  12. That was a beautiful post, Judy. Your parents must have known how to hold onto one another through good times and bad and to keep on looking forward. What a wonderful example for their children and grandchildren. The wedding picture is so very sweet - such tenderness in your mother's smile.

  13. This post brought me to tears. Together they faced their future and together they walked the journey of their lives. I am sure you miss your mother so much. My mother carried lilies of the valley too. I think of it every time I see them. A most interesting post!

  14. Their love and commitment was tested at the very beginning and I wonder if anything they faced afterwards could always be compared to the flood and then be okay. It's good to be reminded of hardships others have experienced and become stronger through. It helps us gain a better perspective.

  15. Beautiful!! What a wonderful heritage they gave you in their commitment to each other. The wedding picture is timeless!

  16. Such an amazing testimony to their marriage. I admire how they did sensible things. Can you imagine that happening now? No way would a newly wed couple do what they did nor anything remotely close to it. Wow...that is quite a beginning. I love the photos. thanks for sharing.

  17. Happy anniversary memories of your Mother and father, Judy It seems that generation had to face so many hardships, but they did it with grace. Your Lily of the Valley are so beautiful! They are my daughter's favorite flower and she was disappointed that not one florist would agree to provide them for her May wedding. They all told us they were too delicate. I bought her Lily of the Valley plants this year for her to put in her own garden for her anniversary -- I hope they will do well and bring her joy every year!

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