Friday, May 17, 2013

in search of teapots on teapot hill...

We do this hike about once a year.
A trek up the mountain from Cultus Lake on a hiking trail called Teapot Hill.

 We set off on our hike with three of the grands (ages 7, 7 and 4)...
on a cool, wet afternoon.

Someone asked us if we were searching for teapots.

 Apparently there are several dozen teapots hidden along the trail...
usually high up off the ground.

Well that proved to be an added incentive to keep the grands going UP the trail...
... as they searched for teapots.
It was rather like an Easter egg hunt.

We made lots of stops along the way.

And we found four teapots.
I guess we will have to go again one day...
to find the rest!

Grandpa said there would be oranges when we got to the top.

And there were.
 They wondered...
'Are there really always oranges at the top?'

The way down went quickly.
It's a great little hike for all ages...
even Maggie did awesome. 

A hike up Teapot...
and a chilly picnic at Chilli-wacks's Cultus Lake.
An afternoon to remember.

Have a  wonderful (and long) weekend!


  1. How fun to find teapots on this trail! It looks like a nice little hike with pretty views. And oranges at the top? Cute idea. Have a wonderful long weekend Judy. Blessings, Pam

  2. I can imagine how the hidden teapots would make the hike even more of an adventure.
    Everything looks so lush on Teapot Hill.

  3. That must have been fun! You and Elmer make so many memories for the little ones.

  4. How magical! Just the kind of hike a child full of wonder might take. I'm glad that I can go in the virtual sense. Those grands sure are growing!

  5. What a great hike with Enchanted Tea Pots to find along the way! Finding an oranges treat lined up at the top is such fun. Beautiful pictures Judy! Enjoy your Victoria Day weekend.

  6. What grat grandchildren would love to search for tea pots!

  7. How fun! Do people just put teapots along the trail or have they been there a long time?

    1. Vicki...I think the hidden teapots are something recent, since that trail has been there since I was a child and I had never before heard of teapots hidden along the way. I have no idea who is responsible...but it's rather fun.

  8. What fun. I love that those teapots have been randomly set out. A beautiful view as a reward at the end of the hike is always nice...

  9. I learned something new....I will be sure to find the teapots if I ever get's a fun thing to look for and makes it more interesting.

  10. I did notice teapots on our last hike but there were no oranges at the top, that's for sure!

  11. The teapots disappear from time to time, and someone puts out new ones. I'm not sure who takes them away but it is fun to find them when they are there. : )

  12. What a clever idea to hide teapots on the mountain! I cannot get over how many exciting places you all have to explore. I did notice the swimsuits are replaced with the blanket on their shoulders. I love seeing their little faces!

  13. Fun! We have little mice sculptures hidden in Charlottetown - tourists have fun trying to find them.

    Your grands did very well on their hike!

  14. How unusual! Thanks for sharing and your grandkids are darling!
    You are blessed!

  15. Your grands probably hiked better than I could -- I always end up huffing and puffing along the way ad must take frequent rest stops. I guess I am still out of shape but getting better every day. The hidden teapots must be a treat to find!


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