Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...no tricks or treats this year!

Family Photo October 31, 2006 Yikes!

Now you can see why we had to leave town for Hallowe'en!

It may only be five days since we left home, but it seems like forever! We've enjoyed the fall beauty of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada (each so different from the other) are are now in Arizona where it looks like summer to me. We've explored little towns which seem lost in time, seen cowboys riding the range, and met many interesting people. We saw a massive snake on the road yesterday (at least ten feet long) and were thankful to be in the safety of our vehicle! And no, I never stopped to get a picture. We went from using the furnace and wearing our "Canadian clothes" to palm trees, air conditioner, and summer clothing...all in a matter of hours as we travelled south in Nevada. We've listened to all our cd's at least once, and I'm about ready to start on the Christmas music!. I'm on my second book, we've played lots of Yahtzee, and we're still finding things to talk about. I stocked up on yarn and crochet hooks at Michael's in Twin Falls, Idaho and I'm working on scarves...that's kind of fun. So if you're on my Christmas list, you know what you'll be getting. We have not heard any news, watched any TV, made or received any phone calls--hey, we're on vacation and enjoying the adventure!

Come tomorrow, I will especially be missing my little munckins--no tricks or treats from Grammy this year. And I'll be missing our annual pizza party at Kris and Lisa's with the whole gang--I won't mind not wearing my 'miss piggy' hat though! So have fun without us, and don't eat all your treats at once!

Tomorrow it's off to the Grand Canyon...I'm looking forward to that.


  1. Judy, what an unexpected treat to have you check in with us up here in the north. I just about turned the autumn color of greeny sage when I heard you were camping. Oh how wonderful that sounds.
    I think its just wonderful that you still have things to talk about. What a blessing that is.
    Carry on with your fun and stay safe. We look forward to your next pop in at a internet cafe.

  2. Oh I hope that you had a wonderful time at the Grand Canyon. Of all the places that I have visited in Canada and the US, the Grand Canyon produces those shivers of awe better than any other.

    Your family looks great! No need to run. :)

  3. I keep peeking in...hope that I don't miss your return home.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson