Friday, March 26, 2010

and wrap it up!

Let me assure you...this is my final post on Hawaii...I think. And since I can never pick out ONE favorite get to see them all! Smile.

This is the Reader's Digest condensed version of the flora, feathers, fins and food of Hawaii.

The state flower of Hawaii is the will notice a few in the collage. Another flower blooming in abundance is the plumeria (row 1b...row2a)...used extensively in creating Hawaiian leis. Many of the flowers are nameless to me...but most have an aroma not quickly forgotten.

The birds pictured here are ones that spent their time around our deck...or near the pool. My favorite were the little red-headed birds...though they were the most camera shy!

Okay...was it worth it? I opened my wallet to buy a small, inexpensive (well...that's questionable) underwater digital camera just to take pic's of the fish. The minute viewing screen was so teeny and fuzzy, I had no idea if I was actually capturing any images of the fish. Seventy-five photos later...these were the only ones worth saving. If you are ever in need of an underwater camera...I have one you can use!

One of my favorite things about vacationing is eating! Since we stayed in a condo, we always had breakfast on our deck...fresh fruit on the menu every single morning. Our lunches were salads or nachos most days. When we weren't grilling our dinner...we found a nice spot on the ocean...and usually ordered seafood. Kona Inn, Bubba Gump's, the Canoe Club or Quinn's...all have great seafood and fabulous mud pie. And the best part...

...was watching the sun set as we ate our dinner. That was priceless!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Aww..wrapping it up already??Beautiful photos Judy and I sure am not tiring of them. Thanks for sharing them..

  2. i never thought that i was really interested in visiting hawaii, but i think you have twisted my arm and entisted me a bit with all your photos and stories.
    for now i will just go back to your posts if i need a little get away.

  3. stunning, all of it! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. hello Judy, we are happy that you are back and fine; thanks for all the pictures you shared with us - feels like we should go there once, too! I love your love for good food; we really have to get together and eat at some point again!!
    Greetings, Ute + Pierre + Marc

  5. *sigh* - too, too beautiful.
    I love the idea of fresh fruit on a deck in the warm morning breeze - I love to eat outside.
    Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. If I ever get to Hawaii I'll have lots of ideas!

  6. You wrap it up very nicely in those beautiful mosaics!

  7. Lovely flowers, food, and sunsets. Some of my favorite things :0) Have a great weekend. Oh, and the fish photos that did turn out are wonderful!!

  8. You pictures are beautiful as always. I, too, hadn't thought much about visiting Hawaii...until now.

  9. It keeps calling my name to come back...I love it there...the warm fresh breezes off the ocean.
    You have mastered those collages, Judy..Fantastic.

  10. I think you had perfection. I love it all.

    And, now I want to go on a trip.

  11. Judy it looks like the perfect vacation! I clicked on to enlarge each of your photo mosaics so I could enjoy them full size. They were all stunning!

    The flowers were beautiful and I can only imagine their wonderful smell! The birds so cute and the fish were so colorful!

    I am like you and would have ordered shrimp at every meal ...I love shrimp!

    The sunsets over the water are gorgeous!

    I really hope I get to see it all myself one day!

  12. We always planned to go back, but somehow now other vistas call me...September will find us in the Bahamas...I love your're a natural

  13. You have a way of taking the places that you visit and making one feel like it must go on their bucket list of wishes. This is the first time, after seeing all of your pictures, that I found myself really wishing to visit Hawaii. The pictures you share are so beautiful! I enjoy eating on vacation is a highlight for me.

  14. I love Charlottes comment. . .and yes. . I want to go back. . you have me feeling the sea air on my face. .

  15. Nice update...I recognize that street. So fun..Now we have new stuff to explore and play with...
    Hope your stomachs are all fine.

  16. It was a wonderful time from here at the island in my kitchen. Once in a while the sun shone in my windows, but you had me longing for the real warmth of the sun. Never been have me dreaming. Kathy (MGCC)

  17. It's Sat and I just clicked in to see your re-decorating ... you managed to center the header nicely. It's beautiful! I have not figured out how to do that yet with the new templates.


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