Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring is like a box of chocolates...

You never know what you are going to get!

Each day is a surprise.

Spring arrived officially a few days ago...it came in like a lamb!

I did a little gardening...planted a few herbs and flowers...and enjoyed all the blossoms around the yard.

The little star magnolia that we planted when our youngest granddaughter was born...is putting on a lovely show.

On Sunday the lamb went into hiding...

...and the lion showed up.

We had a hailstorm...and thunder and lightning...and a whole lot of rain!

It was a good time to stay indoors...and watch the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Paralympic Games.

It is now time to close that chapter of the book...a very good book, I might add!

Yesterday the lamb was back in the morning...but the lion returned in the afternoon.

Here's my advice...pack away those mittens but keep the umbrella handy!

Spring is like a box of chocolates...
you never know what you are going to get.
~Forrest Gump
(I took a few liberties with his quote)

Have a terrific Tuesday...


  1. oh the last picture made me smile. I can just imagine you thinking about how to make that prop fit in and you did just wonderfully. You are so creative Judy.. ..and I so enjoyed my visit this morning.
    It's still early but already the lamb seems to be in the forecast today .. .woo hoo.

  2. Yes, she's a capricious thing always running off with a north wind. Our weather sounds remarkably like yours and how is that even possible? Raining cats and dogs today and it's right on the edge of being cold enough to snow...ugh.

  3. Your huge dose of God given creativity continues to impress me. This is just another one of those "wow" posts. So well done and so artisitically put together. The last picture is perfect!

  4. Great photos Judy and I enjoyed your liberties :0)

  5. Only the lamb is in evidence here today - we've had a sting of lamb-sh days. Our star magnilia is a little behind yours, so I'll just enjoy yours and then enjoy mine later - twice the pleasure!

  6. I ran in the door just as the lion cracked the whip in the sky. The phone rang and my little granddaughter said "quick gram..look out your window...can you see the storm"? So I sat at my window and she at hers and we watched the storm together. My grands are my little lambs...my peeps. They find such pleasure in sharing life...and I like how you share life here...from your front porch.

  7. That is Spring... in some places it has teased people into buying plants and coming home to find it snowing.

  8. Spring has officially arrived here...but we never start planting until after the May Long Weekend.

    I, too, enjoy how show your creativity...especially adding the quote and the picture.

  9. Beautiful pictures-and a great depiction of our spring!

  10. What a delightful post....Knowing how busy your life is, you always find time for the things that matter.
    The Lambs are smiling today!
    Word Verification is "PRESS"
    Press onward my friend.

  11. Great pictures! It is fun to have the weather shift from sunbathing warm to snowshower cold on any given day. Yesterday we got it all: sun, rain and snowfall. I really didn't mind a bit!

  12. Beautiful photos!

    The Italians calls the month of March "Pazzo" which means crazy ..and it certainly is weather wise!

    I am going to showing in my next blog post what a nor'easter storm did to my favorite local park last weekend ...very sad!

  13. I love the photos esp the last one..great post:)

  14. Hi Judy,
    I so enjoyed this post beautiful pictures, but the last one is so adorable.
    The Lion was really trying to show himself in my area today, Thanks for sharing this look at spring.

  15. Love your photos and your post!
    We heard about that hailstorm..but we were in Abbotsford where there was no storm at all.

    I looked rather longingly at that box of chocolates on the bench!


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