Thursday, March 18, 2010 home and abroad!

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.
~John Leonard

I've been thinking about friends this week...and feeling so blessed in having many friends...old and new. Sharing life experiences with a friend brings twice the pleasure...or more.

Let me just tell you about a few of my old friends today....they won't mind if I call them 'old'...friends are like that.

We just returned from Hawaii...and we were there with friends. We had a wonderful time! We somehow knew we would be able to travel together...and still come home as friends. We go back a long ways. We have been friends since we were newly married couples...and went on our first vacation together the following year...a mission's trip to Haiti and Guadeloupe...followed by a week in Florida. We had such a good time together. Though it would never seem a good idea to become business partners with good friends...we did just that. For fifteen years we were partners in a farming venture...and when all was said and done...we were still friends. Our children were the same age...and were forced to share camping trips, picnics, and even a vacation in Palm Springs. It wasn't such a hardship! They also got to work together on the berry machine in the summertime. Our families are now grown...and we all have grands. And we still like to vacation together on occasion...and that's why we found ourselves together on the Big Island of Hawaii.

For two weeks we ate at the same table...and travelled in the same vehicle...and went to a lot of the same places. We read many of the same books...and played the same old card games (mostly Rook and Hearts)...went on a zip-lining adventure and snorkeled in a nearby bay. And when the trip was over...

...we were still friends with Dave and Janet.

I have another old friend...who brings back memories of my junior high years...and adventures that we still laugh about. We hike together on occasion, chat often and plan outings together with our hubbies. Just before we left for Hawaii...we spent a day in Vancouver together...our final hurrah at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games. Marg wished me a wonderful time in Hawaii...and we made plans to catch up once I was back from vacation. You can only imagine my surprise...when I answered a knock on the door of our condo in Kona last Tuesday to find Marg and John on my doorstep! They just happened to be Hawaii as well...with friends of theirs...and they all came over to surprise us. Marg is full of surprises!

We all went out for dinner an oceanfront bistro...and enjoyed coconut shrimp and mahi-mahi while the sun was setting. And when the meal was done, they hurried off to catch their plane back to the neighbouring island...where they were staying. the far end

How fun to share a meal with friends in paradise. How fun to have friends that are full of surprises!

I have to agree with Abe...
The better part of one's life consists of his friendships.
- Abraham Lincoln

Have a wonderful friends!


  1. Dear Judy such a delightful and uplifting post. It makes me feel good to see folks enjoying themselves. You are a good looking bunch. Our best friends, the ones we had the longest, have already passed away. It is happening so often now as we age. Thank good we are in good health. Blessings

  2. A wonderful blessing to have old friends! Looks like a great group of people!

  3. You're living a charmed life, Judy! What fun!! I do agree that vacationing with good friends is good fun, but have only done it once.

  4. We also have friends that we travel with.

    I love that Marg surprised her post and saw the picture...what a great friend.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have good friends to share the good times!! We're extra blessed to have family who are good friends, and share some of our travels. BTW I recognize one of your friends, another blogger/work friend - what a small world!!

  6. Well seasoned friendships are a treasure. My mom still gets together with her friends from childhood, and she is in her 80's. She has made friends in every season of her life; such a thing is possible when you live in the same town your whole life. As the QMM noted, aging also means seeing best friends scoot off to heaven ahead of you, and that makes salvation even more precious.

    Hoping and wishing and praying for friends in my new season and location in life. It is hard to make new friends at this stage of life.

  7. Judy, the fact that you have these sorts of friends is a direct correlation to the kind of friend you are. . .They are blessed . .you are blessed.

    Another thing that struck me about this post is that your marriages are all intact which is even more special.

  8. Sweet post on friendship. The kind of friendship that goes through the hard and the good times together. This kind of faithfulness is a rare commodity, and to be cherished.

  9. You are blessed indeed with so many very good friends. I loved your story about the surprise on your doorstep in Hawaii...wonderful!

  10. Judy, I have no idea how we got here...Many times I marvel at the things we still have in common...just a quick drop in to say hi, or a quick phone call...Just a quick catch up on all..
    I feel so blessed.
    When did you say we would meet again?

  11. Judy, Welcome back! I missed your posts. With you being gone and then me on a posting break, I looked forward to reading your posts again.

    I agree with Abraham Lincoln's quote too. Friendships offer joy in the midst of daily life. Love seeing these pictures and hearing about long friendships that stand the test of time. The smiles on all the faces reveal the fun you all had on an island of great beauty. I really liked this post and the pictures.

  12. Old friends are always the best ones Judy! They share our history and know both our happiness and our sorrows. It's great that you were able to enjoy Hawaii together and what a nice surprise from Marg and her husband to pop up unexpectedly!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson