Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a nostalgic look at plowing the field...

When you put your hand to the plow, you can't put it down until you get to the end of the row.
~ Alice Paul

I'm sure there is a good reason why we don't see many horse drawn plows in the fields these days...but it is a lovely sight...wouldn't you agree?

Though I have grown up in this farming community...and have heard all about the local plowing match every spring...

...this is as close as I have ever been!  It just so happened that the plowing match was just down the road this past weekend...and so I snapped a picture as I passed by.

It seems that some of my friends are more keen to learn about 'preserving the art of tilling the soil' and actually spent some time on site. Thanks to Linda...I have a additional photos...and know a little more about what happened next door on Saturday.

The farmers I know are usually looking to update their old equipment...but it seems the plowing match is about using the tried and true.

It was the 88th annual plowing competition in our area...and showcased antiques and draft horses. The mayors of local communities were also invited to put their hand to the plow. Now that is one event I would have liked to witness.  Our mayor is skilled at many things...but I'm not sure plowing would be high on her priority list!

The weather held out...the field next door is nicely plowed with very straight furrows...and a few of our local plowing heroes will be going on to compete at the nationals and abroad.

When they put their hand to the plow...they do it well!


  1. Judy. . .this one made me think of my dad who plowed many fields like this back in his day in Glenbush Saskatchewan. I'll bet the old timers just love to watch the young fellows try their hand. I wonder how your mayor did too.

  2. I enjoyed this post Judy. Something I don't see every day.

  3. Used to live in Wisconsin where the Amish did plowing with their horses. It is wonderful to see the picture of the horse and fellow plowing. Not something you see every day unless you are in Amish country.
    Not here is NC, but still in the states to the north.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  4. When I saw the picture of the plowing using a horse, it brought me back to a few years ago when we lived in Colorado. There were quite a few Amish farms there and this is how they did their plowing.

  5. We used to go to plowing matches when we lived in Ontario. The Great Dane has never in his life ploughed a field, but he is fascinated with anything to do with machines. For me, the novelty wore off after the first contestant and I recall retiring to the car to read!

  6. Remember the song "Old Rivers"? Made me cry every time. This post brings it to mind!

  7. We often talk about going to the plowing match, and then decide we don't know enough about what they're doing to keep interested. Thanks for the pics - made it almost feel like we were there.

  8. This is always a wonderful event...especially in our farming community.
    I wish I could have someone come and plow my little garden...

  9. It looks like an interesting event. I also remembering seeing horse drawn plows on Amish farms in Pennsylvania. It must be such hard work but there must also be great satisfaction from it when it is finished.

    I love your new banner, Judy, such breathtaking colors and views!

  10. Hi Judy, checking in with some of my fav blogs...Thanks for your comment, I will have plenty of new photos from the desert.

    I'm way too busy lately, but always love your blog, hey your new look is sweet!!

    Happy Easter this weekend!

  11. We have a plowing festival here on the Island too - also a "Queen of the Furrows" - I don't know if she has to have plowing skills or just look pretty :)

    PS - love your new look and gorgeous banner!

  12. In our county, there are many farmers who use horse drawn plows to plow their fields. What an interesting way to spend an afternoon. I am sure it brought back memories for many people.


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