Monday, March 29, 2010

child's play...

I spent a lot of time with my grands these past few days...and so for the most part...we played.

This kind of play is new to me...but they are quite capable of playing it all on their own. They were wondering if maybe Grandpa had a computer as they were one short!

The three from next door were missing a mommy for a few days...and daddy still had his usual obligations...and so Grammy picked up the slack.

While the girls were in school...Ryder and Grammy found all kinds of ways to amuse themselves. We went to visit the Bookman...though I soon discovered that it was all about the cat in the basket and the mints on the counter...and not so much about the books!

Ryder thought grandpa might like some cookies for coffee break...and was quite sure that grandpa wouldn't mind if they had M & M's in them this time...instead of raisins.

Once his sisters were home from school...the serious play began. With enough hands on deck...they built a tower that reached the ceiling!

Next it was time to create a game where zoo animals and farm animals co-exist quite nicely! With fences made of masking tape...they soon had all the animals in their own pens.

I explained to them that their farmer and his children were in the news just that day...together with a warning that all parents and grandparents dispose of any Fisher Price Little People that were manufactured prior to 1991. Since I know for a fact that this family has been with us since the 70's...I guess they are now illegal aliens...but they will stay. As I looked around at all the little farm animals...and the marbles in the marble game...I decided that the 'little people' were not really that much of a choking hazard. And I ask myself how my children ever survived to adulthood.

This I know...whether the toys or books are old or new seems not to matter to the grands.

Playing dress-up does not require the latest in fashion!

On Saturday we gathered the troops over at Tim and Heidi's for lunch. A niece was in town with her children...and it was a good excuse for us all to get-together and see the house now that they are all settled in.

Today...there will be no child's play. My dad is having eye surgery and I will see to it that he gets to the hospital and back safely.

Happy Monday to you!


  1. Oh you have been a busy lady Judy! Those old peeps are my favorite ones especially the ones from the 70's! Blessings on your week...

  2. Just stopping by this morning to see the rest of your Hawaii pictures. They are beautiful and such informative posts. Makes me want to hop on a plane.
    I also enjoyed reading about the fun times shared by grandma and the grandkids. Such special times.
    I hope all goes well for your Dad today.

  3. There's lots of caring going on around your front porch these days. Good thing you're up for it!
    Best of luck to your dad with the eye surgery!

  4. So much fun at your house!!!

  5. Sounds like you've had non-stop fun around your place. I hope your dad's eye surgery goes well today.

  6. I never considered Fisher Price people to be a choking hazard when my kids were small.

    Now about them being a "step on and slipping" hazard, and "sit on and bruised" hazard, "plug up the drain" hazard, "melt in the oven" hazard, "roll under the gas pedal" hazard...well, yeah, they definitely were all of those.

  7. Such wonderful memories your grands are creating... love the tower and the farm/zoo.
    All the best to your dad today.

  8. My goodness you are busy! I enjoyed all the words of this post and none of the pics...trouble in my corner I'm quite sure as I can't see my own picutures either. I am not tossing anything prior to 1991 either and often have the same response to such did children ever grow up? Oh and that Ryder? Still a character!

  9. Lots of fun ideas..I love those vintage toys. You really value the toys that gave your children pleasure.
    I love that tall lego tower...I remember when my own kids did that...Guess what the boys will do tomorrow.

  10. AAAAaaahh Grammy. This is why I don't have to worry about leaving my children! Thankyou so much for spending time with the kiddos. It looked like they had lots of fun...and they were very excited to tell me all about their activities with you. I really appreciate all you do! Thankyou! Love ya! Broni

  11. It looks like an awful lot of fun at your house. .I wonder how old the age limit is for the playing.

    All the best for you Dad today.

  12. Had to come back to see all the pictures now that Blogger is up and at'em. What a high tower of Legos!

  13. Judy do you ever slow down girl? Lots of fun to be around you! Hope your dad's surgery goes well.

  14. Isn't it interesting how they know for sure that Grandpa would rather have M&Ms in his cookies? They learn so quickly. You are a fun Grandma, I can tell. It is so special that you have an active part in their lives. I love seeing all of their pictures, especially the granddaughter in the pink dress-up clothing.

    Hope your dad's surgery went well.

  15. This looks like time well spent Judy! Children at play are so enjoyable to watch. I am lucky as my older brother has 9 grandchildren, who all live very close to him, so Great Aunt Pat (me!) is often around to watch them play and enjoy their antics.

    I refuse to give up the vintage toys! The answer to how our children grew up unscathed is that we closely watched them and did not rely on less caring strangers to do that.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson