Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a touch of green...

The calendar tells me it is St. Patrick's Day...and though I'm not wearing green...and have not a speck of Irish in me...I'm going green on today's post.

I just returned from an island vacation...not the emerald isle...but the Big Island of Hawaii also has a lot of green. From palm trees swaying in the breeze... banyan trees that cover entire blocks... the rain forests of the northern part of the island...there was a lot of green to be seen. If you look may just see a speck of white high above the green canyon...getting a birds-eye-view via a zip-line. Let's just say I have no photos from up all zipped by far too quickly!

We observed sea turtles...a little green and a little brown...

...and walked on rocky shores with golden green moss...

...while birds of the same colour sang to us from the palms nearby.

And I must include a photo of the elusive Kona gecko...he disappeared magically most every time I pulled out the camera. This little guy was quite bright green in colour...with red specks along his back.

Climbing over walls...and growing along the roadside...we saw the most amazing giant split-leaf philodendrons. No green thumbs required...they grow abundant and wild.

Though I am not wearing green today...I have been been known to wear the colour on I did the night we visited Bubba Gump's Shrimphouse and tried Forrest Gump's Nikes on for size.

And...along with the green's time to see who has the 'luck of the Irish'...and have a draw on My Front Porch for the 'not so green' Olympic mittens that I am giving away. If you left me a comment on my last pre-vacation post...your name is in the pot. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the winter seems everyone caught the enthusiasm once the games began!

And now...the winner is...Ellen B @ The Happy Wonderer! Send me your current mailing address, Ellen...and I'll pop your Vancouver 2010 Olympic souvenir in the mail.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. and a 'top of the day' to ye Judy! You know, this year has been so upside down I forgot it was St.Patties! green treats for work? I'll have to see what store is open on the way in...ta!

  2. Beautiful photo's and Happy St Patricks Day to you Judy (my husbands family are Irish on his mothers side) Have a great Day!

  3. Seeing lots of pretty greens here..lovin' those big shoes:)

  4. Yippee! I won! Thanks Judy. Love all the green you are sharing from Hawaii today. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. I'll send you my address...

  5. Delightful photographs...glad that the gecko is a little ham...he's also very bright and colorful...lovely canary kinds of birds(?) and all the colors of the island. Did you go down the zip line? Is that why it all went by in a blur? Congrats to Ellen B!

  6. Forest Gump go! Loved the photos you shared! Green...I must run up and change! As I'm reading blogs I've been caught...I forgot it was 'green' day. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. I was wondering why the photo looked so different. I love those shoes.
    I forgot that it is St. Patricks Day.
    It's never been on my radar screen.
    I loved your Greens...Soon we shall be eating them.

  8. Aww... sweet! Congratualtions, Ellen! Gotta love that green pitcher too! Judy, I can just see you chasing those geckos to capture a photo... and I love the bird picture!!!

  9. What a lovely celebrational post of the "other" green island. My kitties miss those green lizards that graced our Houston garden.

    Ellen is sooo lucky!

  10. oooh, so beautiful! I can't wait to get over there myself (7 weeks!!!)

  11. Oh how fun for Ellen ..what a delight.
    Oh your pictures of Kona are just gorgeous. .I love the lush tropical greens and the lizard even too.

  12. Zip line...WOW! You are an adventurous soul. Have you done the one up by Whistler, or was this your first?

    Glad you had a great time. Miss your postings though ;)

  13. Congrats to Ellen! I have been so busy since getting back from Colorado that I am sorry I have not visited your blog for few days, Judy. I'm so happy to have caught up with all your news tonight, and I really enjoyed seeing Hawaii through your eyes!


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