Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a morning smile...

Not all my vacation photos are that lovely...or even scenic.
A few just make me smile!

No words necessary!
And how thoughtful of them to have twice as many pinks as blue.

For some reason this establishment never managed to entice me up those stairs..but they did make me smile.

We passed this skateboard enthusiast every morning on our walk.

Despite his size...and the fact that his view was mostly obscured by hair...he could navigate the skateboard down the highway quite skillfully.

He made us smile.

I've no time to tell stories we have family visiting.

They are such gracious guests...and come bearing gifts that make me smile.

Hubby's sister baked paska just for him...with no icing so that he can pop it in the toaster...his favorite way!

And John and Liz brought a box of citrus fresh from the orchards of Arizona.

Guess what we are having for breakfast today?

Enjoy your day...


  1. Thanks for the morning smile, Judy.
    Enjoy your family company! I'll bet there'll be lots of good conversation around your beautiful table.

  2. Have a great time with family Judy! I love the fact that there are 2 pink ones and 1 blue one! That's the way it should be everywhere :0)

  3. Never seen pink ones before, they are always blue here. A good idea I think.

  4. You made me smile with that first photo..thanks Judy:)
    Enjoy your breakfast with family!

  5. Thanks for the smiles Judy - a nice way to start the day

  6. Is there anything better than the sights that bring a quick smile? I have often stopped to take a picture like that too. I love your skateboarder. .the good thing is that he couldn't see you take the photo.
    Enjoy that juicy citrus this morning.

  7. I love your morning smiles and I would like to be there for breakfast.
    Enjoy that Paska!

  8. Paska? Well I want some! Those were great photos and they all bring a grin.

  9. I agree that there should be two pink for every blue with all such "necessary rooms"

    The stair tiles were funny!

    I also think the skateboarder has the right idea keep moving

    You gave me three wonderful smiles and now a desire for some of that fruit and paska. :-)

    Hope you had a lovely breakfast --enjoy your company!

  10. Very cute pictures of some of the lesser known sights in Hawaii. The pink ones are new to me, but great idea to have more of them than blue.
    Your paska sounds delicious and I think I have seen a recipe for it somewhere (MGCC, perhaps?) I think I am going to have to try it. BTW, I made your recipe for buttermilk flaxseed bread again last week. I love it.
    Enjoy your time with your visitors.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson