Friday, March 19, 2010

friendly takeover...

Before we left on vacation a few weeks ago...we stopped by Lellow to say good-bye to our daughter, Heidi.

I took a picture of her behind the counter...since I heard rumours that there were changes in the wind...and it could be my last chance to catch her there. While we were away...Lellow officially changed ownership...and the employees bought the business. How fun is that? You know you have hired the right employees...if they love their work so much they want it as their own.

When Heidi and Fran opened their shop in town a few years ago...they had visions of bringing their own children along to work with them. And they did...for a time. Then they decided they needed an employee or they could have some time off. And now they are officially unemployed...footloose and fancy-free. Heidi and Maelyn came for lunch yesterday...with not a care in the world about getting back to work.

If you live in the can still shop Lellow Kids Gear...just like before. But you will no longer find Heidi or Fran behind the counter...or Maelyn in the display window.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good for Heidi..'footloose and fancy free', that must be a wonderful feeling to be free of the matter how much you like what you are doing there are always 'headaches' that come with it.

  2. Well isn't that just about perfect. They created a beautiful store that has now enabled them to be the mom's who "go" shopping.

    All the best to the new stay at home mom.

    My wordverification is "abled"

  3. It sounds as though this friendly takeover came along at the perfect time. As we 'old hands' know, Heidi is heading into the busy years as Maelyn goes through toddlerhood.

  4. AWE! She was so good at what she did. But I know it's not always easy to own your own business.
    She will find something else...maybe enjoying Motherhood?
    I will miss her friendly customer service.

  5. Well congratulations to Heidi and Fran. How nice to end the venture with a friendly takeover!

  6. It sounds like a wonderful development. Hope that business continues to do well even without Maelyn in the window!

  7. I enjoy popping into Lellow and will continue to stop by. How nice that they could have a friendly takeover...and now enjoy their time at home with their children. Kathy (MGCC)

  8. How fun to be footloose and fancy-free. Congratulations to Heidi.

  9. Hello, My name is Sue, and I have enjoyed looking around your blog, and enjoying reading your inspiring posts.
    Best wishes to your daughter Heidi, and friend Fran, may they enjoy this new time well earned indeed. And what a great tribute to them to have their employees to want to buy the company.

  10. Congratulations to Heidi and Fran! It must have been a successful venture that the employees wanted to own it. That says alot about their business skills. My guess is that they will be successful in whatever they attempt to do. Wishing them the best as they live each day in this change of direction. You have a pretty daughter.

  11. Congratulations to Heidi, Judy! It will be nice for her to have some time off to spend with Maelyn! My daughter-in-law may take some time off from teaching next year to stay home with my grandson --I'm all for that!

  12. Ohh ! Congratulations to Heidi! She's smiling so it must be OK!
    Talk about employing yourself our of a joy!
    I think its wonderful and I hope that wonderful things fill all that extra time in her life!

  13. You're back! I know you had a wonderful time.

    Your daughter is so pretty. I think she looks like you. I think it is exciting that she has the opportunity for a new adventure.

    Don't worry. I still have plenty of pink. ;-)


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