Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How observant are you?

I like to think I am quite observant. I might even remember what you wore to church last Sunday...or what your living room couch looked like in 1975. But don't ask me what kind of tractor the neighbours were using to work their field. We all notice different things!

Hubby has no idea if what I'm wearing is new or old...but can tell you about anything happening in our neighbourhood. So it came as a bit of a shock when I heard him complementing Lisa (DIL) on her haircut on Saturday...before any of the rest of us noticed.

What? Lisa has short hair for the first time ever (that we knew her)...and none of us noticed. Here's my excuse! I thought that she had her hair she often did.

Long or always looks fantastic.

I still can't believe he noticed before I did!

Have a great day...


  1. Gorgeous hair! I can see where your little granddaughter gets her curly locks!
    I remember once, years ago, when Lillypad was three years old,and her big brother was ten. I'd had my hair cut. The Great Dane didn't notice. Ten year old son didn't notice. I picked up Lillypad from the nursery and she immediatly said 'Mummy, hair'.
    It was a lovely moment - I knew then that I had company in my previously male-dominated household!

  2. Well, I did notice the change in your template!!! Nice color. Lisa's hair is lovely - nice for her that somebody noticed.

  3. that's just too funny!

    her hair looks FAB-FAB-FAB!

  4. I love Lisa's new hairdo! Please tell her for me. My son Rick is always the first to notice when I get my hair done. He sees my car arrive, looks into the car, and as soon as I open my door says "Nice hair". Even when no one else notices, I can count on at least one sign of approval. I hope Lisa realizes how special and rare her compliment was!

  5. I love her hair. . .I`ve envied her locks since the first day I set eyes on that wonderful head of hair on your blog.
    Imagine. . not having to make the hair cover the scalp properly . .mind you . .you also have a fantastic head of hair. . and now that I think of it. . so do most of our group.

  6. Aw.. it's so cute - and it's cute too that your hubby noticed.

  7. I am blown away by her beauty everytime I see her picture on your blog. I love her cut too! Because you didn't notice means it suits her well but sweet that your husband noticed and commented:)

  8. She is a beautiful gal no matter who noticed her haircut. I can see how you were tricked! What amazing hair!!

  9. What a cute haircut!

    Don't feel bad Judy -- my daughter usually wears her hair up and I probably wouldn't notice if she cut it like Lisa did,

  10. Oh my, Now I'm scared to comment. I know what you are talking about...Today in ER someone wore her hair up???...I had no idea if she cut it or if she chose that style for the day..
    Have fun...I know what you are talking about.

  11. You are right, she would look good however she wore her hair. I do think this is a flattering style for her, especially with all of those beautiful curls. Funny what these guys notice, isn't it?


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