Tuesday, September 21, 2010

eating local...

Over the weekend...I took in a local food festival which featured celebrity chefs on the main stage and samplings of menu items from popular local restaurants. 

I watched Rob Feenie...Canada's Iron Chef...demo the Red Kuri Squash Soup that is found on the menu at all the Cactus Club Restaurants, where he happens to be the Food Concepts Architect (nice title!).  I didn't feel much like lining up to sample his soup...

...but I took home an autographed recipe card and thought I would gave it the taste-test in my own kitchen.

This is my adaptation of his soup...with which I took many liberties!   His recipe was a very rough guideline at best...since ingredients were listed by weight, which means little to me.  I used butternut squash, since that was handy...and apples instead of parsnips...and I forgot to add the carrot.  Though his recipe lists no cream...I saw him generously pouring in heavy cream...and so I did likewise.   We quite enjoyed our Rob Feenie inspired soup on a 'soupy Monday'! 

This has been the view from my front porch much too often this September! 

One more thing.  If you happen to live in my part of the country...you might be interested in knowing that the Cactus Club is opening a restaurant in Abbotsford next spring. Oh...and if you go...be sure to check out their washrooms.  They are always special! 


  1. Are you going to attempt giving a a manageable ingredient amount list? This soup looks like something that would impress my mother and grandmother. I spend a lot of time looking for things that will appeal to my nan.

    Hope that soggy weather lifts and you see some September sun!

  2. A good meal for a 'soupy' day.
    Wish you some sunshine for the remaining September days.

  3. I have some butternut squash ripening in the garden so I'll have to give that soup a try. Our Sept has been dreary too but the sun is shining today. It's windy though - Igor is passing by in the Atlantic and we are getting some of the wind. Thankfully no more rain! Here's hoping for some sun for you soon!

  4. Monday really was a soupy day!....I was dunked in the soup more than once. :)
    Now, your soup looks delicious, and I like the sound of all your adjustments. Some recipes are only meant as guidelines.

  5. What fun. Your adaptation looks delicious and perfect for this WEATHER!! Yikes I had to get up at 1 am to see if our basement was flooding the downpour was so amazing!! The picture really captures the weather events we've been having well :0)

  6. So you will need to post that recipe and share it with all your adaptations...I'm sure it's the best.
    Did you see the fresh snow on Mt.Cheam? Welcome September?
    Oh, did you say you still had corn to harvest?

  7. Soup is one of my favourite things to prepare on an autumn or winter day. Great photo of the wind and rain. Brrr. Makes me glad to be inside.

  8. Quit hogging the rain....I'm tired of running the sprinklers down here.

    Currently I am hooked on butternut squash enchiladas.

  9. Hi Judy - Just to let you know that I've become a follower - if I haven't already. I do enjoy what's happening in your corner of BC my very favorite province. Sunshine Always- Sheila

  10. Now that does look like soup weather. I wish you could ship it down here as we need rain desperately.
    Your soup sounds like one I would enjoy and I am intrigued by the bread (?) in the picture behind it. Looks yummy.

  11. I'm looking forward to "soup" weather here. I love to come home after work and smell soup cooking in the crock pot. So welcoming!

  12. I do enjoy a visit to the cactus club now and then. ..they do have tasty food. I love that you made the soup. .better.


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