Monday, September 20, 2010

going green down on the farm...

We have a new tractor over at the that suits the driver to a tee!

And here's the is green in every sense of the word.  It is battery operated...uses no fuel.  Considering the size of the annual fuel bill over there...that's a good thing!  The down side is that it needs to be plugged in to be re-charged quite frequently...and not always when it is convenient.

I went over the day he took delivery of his new tractor...and noticed he had already found the puddles.  He was having a lot of fun...that's what tractors are for, right?

Maelyn came for a visit the next we walked over to the farm thinking her cousin might just want to give her a ride on his new piece of equipment.  Too bad...he was not around...

...but we checked out the barns and found Uncle Jeremy working out back on a tractor.  She declined a she held her ears. 

Since there was no tractor ride to be had...she opted for the swing back at my place.  We already know the command..."high"!

Her mom took her back to the farm later...and Ryder was more than willing to give his cousin a ride on his quiet, green tractor.  Apparently they chatted to each other as they rode around the yard.  I'm sure she was saying, "go fast"!

Have a good Monday...


  1. Maelyn's so tiny walking through the cow barn and very brave to take center stage with all those eyes upon her. Speaking of eyes, Ryder's are so very blue...where are his glasses? Way cool tractor!

  2. Oh, but I know those commands - HIGH results in a very good upper arm work out for a Grammy!

  3. Love all the photos esp the one of Maelyn walking through the barn. The cows are staring:)
    And Ryder will be ready to handle the big tractor before long!

  4. That photo in the barn is an instant classic! Beautiful! I couldn't help but notice that you have a gorgeous view behind that swing! Lovely! :)

  5. So sweet. Love the swing photo! What a great treat for Ryder to have that great little tractor!!

  6. How cute those kids look in their John Deere's ..JD must of know about the colors years ago and have always been ahead..
    I love the shot...High!!!

  7. Oh so fun. . I well know the joy that a silent little tractor can provide. I bet he was a natural driver. Our little guy had quite a learning curve as a one year old. Typical boys though. .they pick it up pretty quick.
    I am regularly told ..underduck.

    I love the cows. .and how interested they are in their visitor.

  8. What a cute tractor. Ryder must be in his glory driving around just like the big boys! Maelyn in the barn is a beautiful photo of perspective and scale.

  9. I'm laughing and smiling so your adorable grands and their adventures.

    My newly retired brother-in-law, a New Jersey city guy, recently retired to rural Kentucky. He got a mowing tractor, and was so happy driving it around their acres that during the winter his kids swiped the hood, took it to an auto shop and had flames painted on it as a surprise. Oh yeah, nothing funnier than seeing an old guy tooling along on a green riding mower "hot rod" with flames on the hood!

  10. I so enjoyed this glimpse of life on your farm, Judy.
    Ryder's new tractor looks like a lot of fun for a little boy and I had to laugh at how quickly he headed for the puddles.
    I think you could easily capture first prize in a photo contest with that pic of Maelyn walking through the cow barn. She looks so tiny and I think it's so cute how the cows are all looking at her. Just precious.

  11. These pictures of the farm, the grandchildren and their lives that revolve around it, are so precious. I love the picture of that tiny little girl walking through the long isle of cows. I think that is an award winner. My grandsons would be thrilled with their own John Deere tractor. For now they will just have to be happy riding on the back wagon of their dad's tractor. But, you did give me a good idea. I bet he is as happy as can be.

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  13. Ryder is a lucky boy to have such a nice tractor all his own!

    Maelyn and my grandson say the same word when they are in a swing :)

  14. So cute! I know a grown boy who still has a hard time forgiving us that we never got him a big riding car. =)
    I love the "swing higher." command. Been getting that too.


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