Tuesday, September 14, 2010

super sweet jubilee...

There is nothing that compares to super sweet jubilee corn...grown in Chilliwack...and served on the cob.

I have made many stops at my favorite corn barn...and enjoyed the best of the season.

And in good company, I might add!

Oh yes!  Whether we are camping in the great outdoors...

...or eating around the kitchen table ... we girls like our corn.

The girls out in the barn like theirs as well...and it will soon be time to harvest the cattle corn.  For now...I am enjoying the landscape in the valley...where the fields stand thick with corn!

Today I will be stopping by my favorite corn kiosk once more...and buying several dozen cobs of corn.  We have a birthday that needs celebrating....and are hopeful the sun will shine down on us...as we have a BBQ in honour of my dad's 88th birthday this evening.  They are all coming...his kids, his grandkids and great-grandkids that live nearby.  Dad likes a party...so we'll make it good!

Happy birthday to a wonderful father,


  1. I've had no corn this season! This must be remedied today. I'm smiling at your daughter smiling at her daughter. What a sweet photo... Maelyn is so cute munching on that corn. And, watch out, the twins are growing like weeds again!

  2. Happy Birthday to your father - have a wonderfully, special event! Have never had Chilliwack corn, though I've driven past that place, but in Alberta Taber corn reigns supreme!

  3. There is nothing like fresh corn...That was on our supper menu last night, tonight and again...Looks like you and I had same thoughts about corn to be tomorrow....
    Happy Birthday to your Dad's 88th.
    What a milestone and what a blessing...I love that he loves to party.

  4. Oh how wonderful that you are celebrating your dad's 88th! Looks like the weather is suppose to be nicer later in the day. That must be your daughter because she sure resembles you! Blessings.

  5. "Happy Birthday, Judy's Dad !"

    I love corn on the cob too... why is it a totally different vegetable from corn-in-the-can ?

    I hope you have a wonderfully blessed time tonight and that the weather turns warm and sunny!

  6. Happy Birthday to your dad! We do have the best corn in our area! I am hoping to serve it next week to family as well....the little barns will soon be put away for another season. Kathy

  7. Happy Birthday Judy's Dad!

    He will love being surrounded by his family....a blessed man indeed :-)


  8. Happy birthday to your father! My Mom was 88 this summer. God bless their long lives! Enjoy your family gathering to celebrate!

    We had delicious corn on the cob this past weekend. It certainly is one of the best fresh treats that summer provides.

  9. Birthday greetings to your father! Chilliwack corn is the best in the world! I had three cobs this past weekend.

  10. We love corn,too! Our favorite is silver queen....sweet white corn. Yummy! What a blessing to get to celebrate with your dad. Hope it is a wonderful day!

  11. Thanks for sharing your landscape with us. It is always so beautiful.
    I can imagine any corn from that cute little barn would taste good. You girls have just proved it.
    I can't believe how big Maelyn is.
    Happy Birthday to your Dad. Have a wonderful celebration.

  12. Congratulations to your dad. I remember he was ill last year--so glad he's having a party with all his favorite people.

  13. LOVE it. . .enjoy that party. .you must be really into it by now!

  14. Happy Birthday to your Dad..you are never too old to party:)
    Super sweet corn is a favorite here too.

  15. Lovely photo's.We are a family of corn lovers too but we dont have have 'corn huts' here in the UK :( What a great was to celebrate a birthday...have a wonderful time!

  16. You were singing the Chiliwack corn song too, right?

    My dad's turning 87 in Dec. Isn't it wonderful have them ripping through their 80's in style?


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