Tuesday, September 7, 2010

summer's grand finale...

We started something...some six years ago with our first two grands. 
We took them camping when they were two years old!
We've taken them every summer since...
but now we have a few more grands who don't want to be left out.

We took cousins Ryder and Ranen on a close-to-home one-nighter this weekend...
their second camping trip with Grammy and Grandpa.

Ryder informed Ranen that a cougar had killed a herd of sheep somewhere in these hills...
and so she was always looking over her shoulder.

She wondered whether we knew there was a bad flood in Pakistan...
and the people had no homes and no money. 
Pakistan is by India...she said.
This from a four year-old. 
It's always amazing what little minds retain.

These campers really know how to get a good night's sleep..and we all slept until 8:30 am. 
They woke up hungry and happy...and sorry the camping trip was almost over!

We took them home...
and picked up our seasoned campers for the next part of the weekend camping trip.
With Emme and Spencer we ventured a little further from home...
an RV park near the ocean.

What fun they had beach combing!
They had full intentions of bringing home their findings for show and tell...
but by evening we decided that the smell would be more than we could bear in the RV...
and so they reluctantly parted with their trophies.

While we were beach combing...we kept an eye on our mat and our belongings.
There weren't many people near-by...and we thought we were being vigilant.
We weren't paying much attention to the seagulls, however...
and suddenly realized they were congregated around our mat.

They girls took off on a run...

...and scattered the gulls.
Unfortunately...we were a little late at our lunch table.
We were left with the packaging, the drinks and some plums.
It was not exactly the lunch we had planned.

But we were in White Rock...where there is an ice-cream shop on every corner.
And so we had ice-cream.
Rolo supreme...and boo boo bubble gum.
It seemed everyone was happy with the arrangement.

We walked the tracks back to our RV.
They make a game out of everything! 

One last shot taken at White Rock...
a heron with his 'catch of the day'.

After a total campfire ban in our province for most of the summer...
we were so happy to be allowed a campfire in the evening.

S'mores roasted on a BBQ just aren't quite the same.

What a fun time we had with the grands...
once again!

Today...summer is officially over as it is 'back to school' in our part of the world.


  1. Oh no! Those gulls are the same everywhere. They were quite pesky with us, too, but we were practically sitting on our picnic table so we didn't have the same results.

    Love to see your grands enjoying themselves with you. They are so darling.

    Ranen has a beautiful, caring heart. God love her!

    I jokingly asked my daughter what planet she was on when Sam said, "Earth, of course." That made us laugh as I had no idea he knew such things, but I doubt that he'd heard about the devastation in Pakistan.

  2. The gulls are the same on the eastern coast!

    I love your camping trip with the grands idea - it's going on my grandma "to do" list. Now, if only those kids of mine would come through for me! :)

  3. Judy, what a fun time with your darling grands..no wonder you make this an annual happening. You are making wonderful memories.

  4. What a great way to end the summer! A lunch of plums and ice cream sounds just about perfect, and s'mores to end the day - well, I'm sure the girls will say it was a perfect camping trip.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend to end the summer. Your grands are so cute. The twins are really growing up...it's fun to watch them change. Kathy

  6. Looks like a wonderful time Judy. That heron catch is great! How fun to have an ice cream shop close by :0)
    I've been watching the kids in the neighborhood walk off to school this morning...

  7. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your camping trip with your grandkids. What fun for all of you, and great memories! Makes me want all the more to get out to Alberta soon to see our again. Dairymary

  8. OH I love your shots of your time with your grandkids. You really do know how to have the most fun. .and it is not just for show. .it's the real deal.

  9. Aww... what fun for the kids!!! And for you too! So happy that you can make those kind of memeories with them.

  10. Great photo's of beautiful children...I especially like the sea pictures

  11. Such good times! I am looking forward to our first grandchild in February, but He/she will be born in Africa! (I may have to move there!)

  12. What a wonderful last hurrah for summer! I'm looking forward to enjoying my grandchildren (beginning with the first one in December) as much as you enjoy yours.

  13. I just took my kids camping on the long weekend, and they had a blast!

    Ryder and Ranen are so lucky to have wonderful grandparents to take them camping! Glad you had fun with the little ones.

  14. This is a wonderful tradition, Judy! I'm sure you enjoyed it as much as your grands do.

    Those gulls were quick bandits but an ice cream lunch looks like it made the day! :)

  15. Looks like so much fun. How nice you have established this tradition. Your grands will always remember these special trips.

  16. It is no wonder that Jamie Wyath chose gulls to symbolize the seven deadly sins.

    I'm not sure it is really fair to burden 4 year olds with such heavy news. Of course they can pray and collect some moneys, but I always hope that when I hear of children concerned about such things that they will be reassured that God knows and all will be well in the end. A lot of elementary kids are starting to be anxious and depressed due to school curriculums that focus on climate and global tragedies, so I worry for them a bit.

    PS: Smelly sea treasure can be frozen for sharing at home, then buried far,far from home.

  17. Sounds like you had a great time and the kids did too. Great photos.

  18. Sounds like you had a great time. What a special thing that you do with your grands they will treasure these memories forever!


  19. In a few years from now I will have to check back on this blog. I see clearly that you and your husband have this grandparenting role down to a science. These camping pictures are so beautiful. Your grandchildren are just so adorable. I smiled through each picture, especially the seagulls attacking your food. I have had that happen too. It all sounds like a lot of fun. Great idea.

  20. Sounds like a weekend full of fun and the making of wonderful memories.

  21. We want to start taking our grands camping. We are thinking maybe this fall. Like you, we will probably start with just a night or two and not too far from home. Sounds like you had a great time and I know you made some wonderful memories... you and the kiddos!

  22. Oh, my how I enjoyed reading this blog...so wonderful how you can adapt to the needs of all the ages.
    There will be many stories around your families tables and from your grandchildren for years to come.
    I will continue to pray that you have the energy and health to continue to enjoy life with all your zest.
    You are a true friend and a true inspiration for me.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson