Monday, September 27, 2010

a whistler weekend getaway...

It had been in the works for a few months now...a girl's weekend away in Whistler.  The plan was that we would be taking our bikes...and doing some cycling along the myriad of trails around Whistler.  The plan was also that the sun would be shining!  As the weekend approached...the rain was falling and the forecast for Whistler was less than promising.

But we had faith and packed our bikes as planned on Friday...leaving for Whistler by the rain. 

Whistler was once a three-hour drive from our place.  On Friday it took us all afternoon...what with traffic delays...and a Tim Horton's break...

...and a stop at Brandywine Falls.  Though I have seen those falls many times...I'm always game to stop for another quick peek!

Our lodging was everything we had hoped it would be...and so 'Whistler!'  The rain continued all night...but about the time we were ready to leave for our bike ride the next day...

...the clouds lifted a little...and we carried on our merry way!  The paved valley trail winds for 35 kms. in and around the village of Whistler...ideal for leisurely cycling and sightseeing. 

We followed it past lakes...

...ponds courses

...and old growth forests.

And we discovered that we can repair our own bikes.  What a team!

Though we had planned to check out the 'Peak to Peak' gondola...we could see from afar that there was no action between the peaks.  With a big storm approaching...the gondola was down for the day. No worries! We found plenty to do once we arrived in the village.

The fall colours were amazing...and we were so thankful the rains held off until our bike excursion was over (almost!).  Then the skies opened up...and we didn't care! 

We had an excuse for a wonderful weekend getaway to Whistler.  Janet is celebrating a milestone birthday...soon...and we thought we should help her get the celebrations started!  It was a good time...all around. 


  1. Judy I so enjoyed that post. I felt as if I was right there with you and your friends. How wonderful the world of blogging that we can share. I have posted about my retreat week-end and my heart is definitely in communion with all God's people and nature. Blessings

  2. Judy, this sounds like it worked out to be an absolutely wonderful time with the girls, timing things just right for the weather.

    Glad you had a getaway with the girls and thanks for taking us along on your beautiful bike ride. It was a pleasure.

  3. What fun - rain and shine! I'm just about to leave for the same place and have been studying maps and the hotel guide - can't wait!

  4. It looks like rain or shine you and your friends know how to have fun together, Judy! Whistler looks so pretty and I'm glad you were all able to ride your bikes before the rain fell. It's also good to see that you all wear helmets for safety.

    Happy birthday to Janet!

  5. Fun to have been with this group...and it looks like more fun times planned ahead.
    Country girls can do most anything rain or shine.

  6. Amazing. You and Marg just know how to make fun where ever you go. . .Lucky ladies to have such great organizers. I kept looking at the skies. ..hoping they'd hold.

  7. Now that is a great trail for a bike ride. Love the beautiful falls! Glad your girls weekend was enjoyed no matter what the weather threw your way!

  8. Good times! We've been "out and about" hunting down the best fall scenes around here too. I think we have Whistler beat colorwise but come up short on the biking fun!

    The Falls alone are worth the trip!

  9. You've showcased the beauty of Whistler so well. How wonderful to spend time together with the "girls" in such a gorgeous setting - and even biking in between raindrops.

    thanks for taking us along!

  10. The ride looks amazing and what a great time with girlfriends!

  11. Thank you for sharing YOUR weekend trip with US!! Just beautiful!

  12. How wonderful! Lovely photos and the trip with the girls, how cool was that? Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looks like you girls had a great time. The pictures are beautiful. Makes me want to get my bike out and ride.

  14. What a fun weekend! Beautiful place, wonderful friends.... a great combination!

  15. Sounds like you all had a great time together. Happy birthday to Janet - my next door neighbour and friend in Bible School. Where has the time gone?

  16. Looks like a real fun trip amongst beautiful scenery in spite of the weather.

    Your Fall garden certainly looks productive and children meeting each other look cute.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson