Thursday, September 16, 2010

the rural mailbox...

There's something quite nostalgic about the rural mailbox...which is being replaced across the nation by community lockboxes. 

(Photo taken while on vacation in Nevada)
I think a row of mailboxes...out in the country...makes a much nicer picture than a green community lockbox.

In our part of the country...we still have our mail delivered to our rural mailbox on a daily basis.  I spotted the mailman dropping off the neighbour's mail yesterday...and went to the road to have a little chat with him.

I wondered if he had any explanation as to why we would have empty envelopes in our mailbox...obviously ripped open and the contents removed.  He had no idea!  I was still pondering the empty envelope dilemma...when a nice lady from several miles away called to tell me she found some of our mail lying beside the road next to her house.  Off  I went to gather the remains.

Hubby almost missed out on a handmade birthday card...sent from Manitoba.  Someone was obviously not as impressed with Kathy's cards as we are!  As for the rest of the pile...empty envelopes.

Though I like to photograph rows of mailboxes...I'm wondering whether rural mail delivery is a safe option in this day and age.  I'm also wondering what happened to the pile of outgoing mail that I placed in the mailbox yesterday morning.  Time will tell!

We may just have a rural mailbox with a the very near future.  Some things really were better in the olden days!

Have a great day...and may you find a treat in your mailbox!


  1. How alarming! I certainly fervently hope that this mail burgler is caught pronto. Ever consider doing detective time with your camera and Elmer in tow?

    Yes, regular old mailboxes have far more charm than the modern ones, but I see why the modern ones would be preferred in this instance.

  2. Oh my, sorry to hear this, it is alarming and sad. I just found your blog, what a great photograph of all of those mailboxes. Oh my and all of your photographs of where you live are just gorgeous!

    Enjoy your day~

  3. Wow, that is certainly frustrating and a cause for concern! So sad that some of these things have to go for the sake of security! Lovely photo of that parade of mailboxes!

  4. Love the mailboxes....looks like some of them here in NC....sad about the mail thief..people without the Lord do things like this for entertainment without thinking about what it is costing others. Sad..I'll pray that this stops happening.
    Thank you for posting the beauty that God has given you in BC.
    Be Blessed

  5. I always think the old style mail boxes in the USA are geat to look at but have often wondered how safe they are..not only missing birthday cards but maybe bank statements and personal information too?. In the UK the letter boxes are usually in the front door or sometimes in a gate post is the house has a long drive.

  6. That is so sad...I love the shot of your mailboxes.
    Well I hope all your letters will have gone to their destination with all their contents..
    Do you know that I never put mail in my box? All my outgoing mail goes in those red boxes in town...something to thing about.
    I don't want to have to bail you out because you did not pay your bills.

  7. Oh I know the feeling Judy. Our mail was stolen over a year ago but the crooks were caught and I got a letter from the police with a copy of some of my mail. I would have never known. They have been prosecuted and their sentencing is this month. The court mails me all the information on their trial, etc. UGH...
    Love the photos!

  8. Oh Judy...what a rip off! (figuratively and literally!)
    We have an old fashioned wall mail box outside, and keep thinking we should get one that locks. Frankly we had a community locking box in Houston and we never lost the key, but it was "just one more thing" to keep track of.

    Plus I like interesting rural mail boxes. Some people get really creative with them!

  9. That's too, too bad, Judy. We've had our mail stolen from the big green central mailbox too - someone came with a crow bar and just tore the whole back open. I think that normally we have nothing to worry about, but once in a while a vandal or thief will come by - was always thus.

  10. This is sad. We seem to becoming more and more security conscious, not because we want to, but because of the actions of others in our society.

    A row of rural mailboxes is indeed picturesque. Taking photos of them is a good idea - they may not be around for long.

    Thanks for the comment on my recent post. I envy someone like you who has lived in the same community all her life - there must be some real comfort in that.

  11. Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened to you Judy! I have an unlocked mailbox outside my front door and have never had a problem although I have heard of thieves in the neighborhood who steal mail to look for checks and credit card applications and personal information. I hope your post office investigates. I will also advise you to file a police report about this incident in case you have identity theft in the near future.

  12. I read this with your voice as calm and steady as ever. That is to your credit.
    There was a day about 10 years ago that I checked the mail before going to town, saw that there was a parcel in there for our son and decided just to leave it in there until getting home again. . and when I went to retireve it. . it was gone.
    We now pick up our mail in a lock box ..and we haven't had any problems since. .it makes me sad to think this is such a common problem. I hope your mail made it to it's recipient.

  13. I remember the days when the mailmen walked to the door and put it in our basket or door slot. We don't have a locking box yet, but we are very aware of getting the mail in from the box before night.
    It is a sad state of affairs.

  14. Oh dear..that is sad..makes you wonder what mail you've missed getting.
    Love the photo of the mailboxes..soon will be a thing of the past I'm thinking.
    Word verification word: types..duh.

  15. I find that shocking. Is someone looking for money in those envelopes. Pretty desperate I would say.

  16. Definitely alarming! I have seen mail sit in open boxes, when one should wonder if the owner of the box is okay, and have seen the locked boxes removed altoghter by vandals.

    I try to retrieve mine, not too long after delivery, just in case, but still refuse to do the lock. Sort of contradictive, I guess.

  17. This happened to us many years ago - we found our cancelled cheques scattered all the way up and down our road. As we run a business out of our property we opted for a PO box. It's no fun wondering who's reading your mail let alone cashing the cheques meant for you. HOpe you find out what's going on.

  18. Glad I found your blog. I have to tell you I have my own blog (personal) but I also do the blog for our company MAIL BOSS and I see these kinds of stories all the time. Mail Identity Theft is on the rise big time (check out our blog at and you'll see what I mean!) and most victims don't even realize when their mail has been stolen. I would issue a fraud alert immediately just to be safe, in case the thieves were able to steal your credit card statements, etc. ALSO, definitely consider getting a locking mailbox. We make one (the Mail Boss) that is GREAT quality, can't be fished by hand or pried open with a screwdriver.. and you can get it at the local Ace Hardware/True Value.

    Sounds like the thief also swiped your outgoing mail (did it include checks?) might want to consider a stop payment, and definitely report to the police as well as the FTC. Most likely they wont do anything, but mail theft is grossly underreported and it's actually a federal crime.

    If you have any questions I'd be happy to help. You can email me my company email is but you can also comment me on my personal blog if you'd like. I'm a new follower here :-)


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