Friday, September 24, 2010

the fall garden...

The growing season may be winding down...
but the fruits are still there for the picking.  

We are enjoying everbearing raspberries most every day...
and the blackberry bushes are loaded. 

Our one little apple tree...with five varieties of apples...
still has a few apples left to be harvested.

The grapes are at their best. 

The fall mums are bursting into bloom.

Sunsets...crimson leaves...and corn fields ready for harvest.
Autumn is upon us...
and though I'm always reluctant to turn the page...
I'm liking it!

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
~ William Cullen Bryant

Have a great weekend...


  1. (I certainly home that you're still in bed and that this was postdated. I'm not awake yet myself and it's 8:05 in my corner.)

    What a beautiful, fruity mosaic. It looks like my favorite summer table napkins, which are all berries and fruits. The sun finally decided to visit, too, which is always good. Autumn will have many delights for you, I know and can't wait to see.

  2. Our fall garden is surely dripping wet, although it's still too dark to see. I'm looking forward to a crisp and sunny day or two - then it will really feel like fall.

  3. It sure does pay to plant everbearing plants. Next year. . .next year.
    OH ..but I hope you have some tremendous autumn weather today. .and tomorrow. Autumn is usually my favorite time of year. Usually we can count on some pretty amazing dry windy days. I guess we have had one. .and I want more.

  4. This is a beautiful photo collage!

    I always enjoy seeing the type of apples your unusual tree produces Judy.

    The harvest has begun near and far..with a beautiful full moon to accompany it. happy autumn!

  5. You have made a beautiful collage from all the good things around you that are celebrating the arrival of Autumn!

  6. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. Fresh fruits and Pumpkins and a nice warm fire. and don't forget the cup of cider. Have a good weekend.

  7. Great pictures and descriptions! Yes, autumn is certainly wonderful and I love it too.

  8. All of the elements of your early fall growing season have come together to form a most beautiful mosaic. How I would love to be picking berries, grapes and apples from my backyard. Enjoy.

  9. The photos are so beautiful and remind me of the nine years we spent in Oliver. Harvest is a busy time isn't it. Most of our garden is in but we still have potatoes and beets to dig (and barley and wheat to swath and combine). The past few days have been dry enough to swath. Love your mosaic!

  10. Sounds and looks like you are transitioning well into autumn.
    We are above 100 again this weekend.

    And still waiting for the grapes and/or apples. I am thinking it will be next year before the apple trees bears any, it was new, young at the beginning of this year.

  11. Beautiful pictures - just love visiting with you when I can come by and see the quieter farm life. Here in the south there are just TINY glimpses of autumn.

  12. Fall really did sneak up on me this year . . . love your last smiles of the season. Your garden is beautiful!

  13. Raspberries, blackberries and apples are all my favorites. I am envy on your garden to have plants like that. I really love to have plants like in our garden but there are problems with our soil. They are dry and it is like sand. I don't know why.


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