Wednesday, May 25, 2011

game day...

It seems we have had many 'game days' this past month!

Other events get rescheduled...
while the all important Vancouver Canucks hockey team takes centre ice.

Young and old...
the jerseys are worn proudly.

Marge is sporting her Luonga jersey...
signed by the goalie himself for her 80th birthday a few months ago.
I don't think she will be giving it away anytime soon.

My dad came to the farm to 'work' the other day...
and I smiled to see the Canucks flag flying proudly on his car.

Ryder and great-grandpa...
Canucks fans and proud of it!

Yesterday was game day...
and everyone seemed to be flying their true colours.

Unfortunately...the guys working here on the farm all but missed the game.
Did you know that 'making hay while the sun shines' takes priority over hockey?
They cut grass until the game 'should have been over'...
but made it in just in time to watch double overtime.

All was not lost!
They saw the winning goal...
and now the Vancouver Canucks are headed to the Stanley Cup final.
That is the first time in 17 years!

So...there will be more game days.


  1. oh, what a perfect time to finish making hay! I am luckily able to watch the games's not the best (the puck is invisible half the time because the video stream is so jumpy), but it's better than listening to the radio. I must sound crazy to the neighbours, since no one here watches hockey, and you can surely can hear me screaming and clapping every other morning :) Can't wait for the finals!!!

  2. I am hoping the finals will be on mainstream TV as I have only the basic cable - with ESPN channels that show car racing, tennis and soccer instead of what I really wanted to see...and I need a new computer to successfully stream a hockey puck. Haying isn't the kind of activity where you can just sit in a tractor cab and listen to hockey on the radio. What a sacrifice! Now if only the cows could appreciate it!

  3. Hi Judy, It was a painful nail bitting game. It felt somewhat like a teaser by the Canucks. Can you tell us what animal the Canuck is - some say it looks like a whale - the dictionary says it is a dog.

    We now look forward to having the Stanley Cup back in BC once again.
    Will the fight be with the Bruins or with Tampa.

    Thanks for the Cook Book give away. It was fun to read all the reasons for wanting one. Congratulations to the winner.

  4. Well I have to admit it does take huge priority in our house....but we are not cutting hay anymore...but I am doing other things doing intermissions, but none have the worth of cutting grass.
    I'm not sure what I will do next round...maybe rearrange some flights?

  5. Fun times across the line! I'll be cheering them on but like I told Marg I won't be cheering the Vancouver Whitecaps on when they play us soon :0)

  6. I was happy for you Vancouver girls when I saw on the news last night that your team had won. Go, Canucks!

  7. We are pulling for your Canucks. It is all so fun and so exciting.

  8. We don't watch hockey but we did turn on the television (when we thought it would be all over) and caught the winning goal. How exciting! Go Canucks Go!

  9. Oh WOW! Congratulations Vancouver Canucks! How exciting for you all! When NY teams aren't in the competition I usually lose interest in hockey, but I'll be watching the Stanley Cup and cheering the Canucks on!

  10. PS: Ryder and great grandpa make a nice team -- wonderful photo!

  11. I love the photo of great-grandpa and Ryder! That goal was pretty exciting - lots of cheering here, and on the phone from Ontario where the other part of the family was cheering for the 'home' team.

  12. It is exciting to see our team make it this far. We are all looking forward to the next round!

  13. Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but,
    Go Canucks. We are huge Red Wings fans in this house. It is great fun to see the loyalty of the fans when they make it to the Stanley Cup.
    Love that picture of your dad and Ryder!

  14. This morning we were trying to figure out how the schedule would be for the last round. .wondering which games we'll be missing by things that take priority too.
    Today when we drove through the country we saw lots of farmers rushing to bale their hay ..and we thought of your farm and hoped the rain would stay away until they are done too.
    Go Canucks!!

  15. Oh. I must've been watching some big hockey something (don't I sound intelligent?) tonight while trying to enjoy my supper at a favorite pub. No, we don't imbibe, but we do like the pizza and root beer. Bet the guys were thrilled to get to see at least the end of the game.


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