Monday, May 30, 2011

time stands still for no one...

The moments slip through our fingers like sand.
The days and weeks rush by...

...and like a 'poof in the wind' the years disappear into the distant past.

But the memories...they linger on!

On Friday night we met for dinner with a group of friends that go back a long time!
We were all part of the church youth group way back then...
and likely all at the campfire pictured above 'back in the day'.
We hiked the mountains together...
explored the lakes...
crossed the border to go roller skating...
and drove all the way to Shakey's Pizza in Bellingham.
Now we compared notes on grandchildren...
and our aging parents.
And we remembered the 'good ole days'!
Where did the years go?

On Saturday our niece stopped by for coffee.
It seems not so long ago that she was the wee lass pictured above...
and now she is the mom of teenagers.
We discussed the joys and the challenges of parenting teens.
I think she is doing a fine job of her role.
Again...I was struck by how quickly that role comes and goes.

Time stands still for no one.
Not even Corinne...
who was the winner of my cookbook giveaway last week.
After giving her a week to come forward...
I am moving on to the next number.

And the winner is...#26!
The 26th commenter was Janine VM.
Janine...send me your contact info and I'll make arrangements to get you a cookbook ASAP. waits for no one.
Make the most of your day!


  1. Way to go Janine :) Derek should be happy...

  2. I loved looking at that old photo - I think I owned some of the outfits I saw on the women!
    Time waits for no one - how true!

  3. What fun to get together with the old crowd. You are right time does not stand still. Love your segway!

  4. We had to look hard at the picture to see if that was then or now. We decided the lambchops made it then. .but with the canucks in the play offs ..that is making it hard to tell what era we are in.

    Hopefully Janine comes forward lickety split.

  5. I was enjoying your trip down memory lane and then I laughed at the twist at the end. This was a great post!

  6. Yay I'm so excited! Thanks so much, Judy:)
    Janine VM

  7. Your ruminations about the past and how it has slipped by are rather poignant.

    I couldn't help noticing people standing by the lake in their shirtsleeves but it looks so chilly to me from my So. Calif. habitat!

    I know Janine will appreciate the cookbook. I love mine, and I've sent two to family members who also tell me they love it. You've got a winner there.

  8. What a creative way to give out some news. Time does slip by - what we do with it matters.

  9. Love that first photo! ... and poof ... someones's chance is gone! It sounds like you guys did the same things we did... roller skating across the line ...that's a trip down memory lane!

  10. Good inspiration to continue living a life that makes saying "I remember when we used to.." a happy past time in the future.

  11. Time does slip away...make it count right?
    Thanks for the reminder....


  12. You handled the second giveaway perfectly. You sure are a creative lady! I smiled at the beach picture and wondered to myself, how it all went by so quickly? Old friends are real treasures.

  13. How fun to get together with those year gone by friends....those are the years that bring lots of chuckles and good memories come to new life.

  14. So true, Judy. I was exchanging photos from my daughter's baby photo album to a newer one and marveled over the way 29 years has flown by in a wink. Each day is very precious.

  15. How fun to have second chances! It must be a sign of age, but I think this way all the time. Those are great vintage photos. I've seen a few groups that look just that way. I could almost believe it was one of mine except for the mountain.

  16. Giggles... we just had dinner with friends from our youth group from over 30 years ago...and talked about the same subject matter =)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson