Wednesday, May 18, 2011

of flowers and being hospitable...

As a young mom...
I clearly recall one of the older women giving a talk about being hospitable.  
I don't remember much else...but will never forget her advice about having flowers in the home.

"If there are guests coming...
and the house is 'not quite guest ready'...
run to the garden and bring in some flowers."
Her theory was...
the guests will notice the lovely flowers and not the 'imperfect' house.

I clearly remember her sample arrangements...
flowers from her garden mixed with greens from the vegetable garden.
Did you know that daisies look quite lovely paired with carrot tops?

Yesterday morning, Marg and I shared a feature on hospitality for the Women's Breakaway group at church.
Naturally, I passed along the flower tip that was given to me so many years ago.

I ran to the garden...
picked what there was...
added a few chives for interest...
and took it along as a demo.

I came home at lunch...put the flowers on the table...
and went out to garden.
(Did I mention, we had sunshine, at last?)

In the early afternoon...
 family and friends dropped by unannounced on their way through the valley.

I invited them in...
and I'm thinking maybe my flower decoy worked.
They noticed the flowers on the table...
and maybe not the clutter around.

We had a nice visit.
They refused any refreshments...
and they carried on their way.

My advice to you...
plant flowers.

Bring them in.
You can't go wrong!


  1. I like that tip!
    We had sun here yesterday, too. Do you think it could be a trend?

  2. Judy. ..I 100% agree. Spring . .summer and fall there is an abundance of something to bring in. Your arrangement looks so pretty. I love the additon of Chive buds.
    Looks like another beautiful day.

  3. I think I remember that tip from long ago...but somewhere I did not keep it a top priority...but who says I can't there are 101 ways to dress up a brownie, I'm sure there are 101 ways to dress up your home with a few flowers.
    Oh, I do see some color back there...Yellow rhododendrons.

  4. Great advice. I almost always have cut flowers in the house. And, in addition to them drawing attention, they always make me smile.

    Your arrangement looks so pretty. I will borrow your chive inspiration.

  5. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I love your header.♥♥♥

  6. This is so true...and I love your flower arrangement, so pretty!

  7. This is so true! My eyes will always go towards an arrangement of fresh flowers in a home. Your spring arrangement is so pretty!

    I like to bring in some flowering chives and other flowering herbs into my kitchen for a small vase on my windowsill. I don't have a pretty view from my window so it gives me something nice to look at while i wash dishes :)

  8. Great tip! Of course, I did ruin my asparagus patch that way, but otherwise, an excellent tip. How providential that you were able to put it to a test so soon. Sun? Let's see, I predict sun here in about five days. We'll see. ;>

  9. Great advice ~ then & now.
    I remember one time when we were househunting. One house we looked at had a bouquet of backyard flowers in a vase on the kitchen table. To this day I remember that warm touch, but remember nothing else about the house.
    Enjoy your sunshine.

  10. I would like to have sat in your class and learned many valuable tips. I admire your take on hospitality and think it is so important in today's world. Flowers indoors and outdoors make everything better.

  11. Flowers are beautiful and that is a great tip.

  12. Who are we kidding? You are always ready for is on, goodies in the freezer and now flowers in the garden! And I luuuuuuv the use of the chive flowers! I had never thought of using them! Excellent idea.

  13. I do the same.....and somehow I can even ignore the things out of place. Sounds like you inspired some young women with some fresh ideas.

  14. what a brilliant idea, it looks so professional judy, you have the touch.

  15. I need to remember this one more often. I also love picking up a small potted flowering plant when I know company is coming... but flowers form the garden don't cost a thing. Your arrangemnt is beautiful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson