Thursday, May 19, 2011

seeding, swathing and sunshine...

Sunshine....and long last!

After casing out the garden shop frequently this past while...
it was finally time to make some purchases.

My little garden boxes are planted.

And on the farm...
they swathed down grass yesterday.
It was decided that they would drive around all the lakes...
and take what they could while the sun was shining.
So that will keep everyone out of trouble around here for the next while.

Oh...and we are diversifying at the dairy.
It's not all black and white anymore!

We have a cage of turkey babies...
which the grands will enjoy over the summer.
They are lounging in the red light zone for now...
since they are still quite teeny.

I have made it quite clear that I have no intention of being involved in the turkey 'harvest' come fall. 
I am hoping there is a plan!

Today...I'll be hanging out on the front porch.
The cedar decking needs a new seal coat.
Why does it seem like I just did that yesterday?
Time flies...when you're having fun!


  1. Don't look now, but there's a grand who isn't a baby anymore! My goodness, who's been feeding her Miracle Gro?

    Turkeys? Hmmm... There'll be some posts about that I'm sure. See how sweet Elmer is being?

    Have fun with the chores. Isn't that what good weather is all about? Right.

  2. Oh oh - the turkeys may be the thing edge of the wedge. If I were you I'd plan a road trip right about 'harvest' time!

  3. Looks like you accomplished a good batch...hopefully I will be out doors for the next three days.
    How fun is that...and the turkeys? I will wait till Thanksgiving and see what' up with them things.

  4. Love the shots you get of those sweet grandkids of yours! You have been busy Judy. I have to get out and take advantage of our long awaited sunshine here!!

  5. I hope to get to the garden center today ... after babysitting. Been pushing it up all week. I like your new header too!

  6. Yeah for springtime!...and wonderful weather! Enjoy every ray of sunshine!

  7. Judy, I like your stand on the 'turkey harvest':)
    Warm weather is so welcome, I need to get the seeds planted in the garden, around here May long is usually the weekend for that.

  8. Aren't baby turkeys called poults? Or something like that?

    There sees to be a flower that turned into a little girl in your first shot.

    I knew a southern Christian gentleman who allowed himself to say "Oh turkey britches!" when he was extremely upset. Your grands might enjoy having that phrase at the ready when "colorful" language is needed in their lives.

  9. A lovely post! Enjoy that Front Porch of yours! We sure do!!

  10. I wish I had the room of your flower and vegetable beds, Judy! I am confined to small and big little pots to grow things in. It has been so cool and rainy that I haven't ventured out to find any flowers as yet. Perhaps this weekend I'll have a chance.

    After seeing sweet lambs playing alongside their mothers in Ireland I vowed I would never eat lamb again. I'm afraid the same would happen if I raised any kind of animal or bird from birth. If I were a farmer I'm sure I'd be a vegetarian! :)

  11. Oh I love the photos. Turkey harvest you say? It reminds me of a story I read over and over to the grands about Farmer Browns birthday and how he gives all the animals special treats on his birthday food. Anyways. .the way the story goes they all want to do something special for him in return and the turkey hopes with all his heart that he will grace the thanksgiving table. Cracks me up everytime.

  12. Looks like summer has arrived. Yesterday the field behind us was cut too. Turkey' fun for the kids. Somehow I think they just might rook you into helping them in the fall.....we'll see! Maybe I should get out my can of stain this afternoon.....hmmmm.

  13. Looks lovely there. The little Turkeys are so cute. V

  14. Your garden looks so nice and tidy and expectant! What a great idea to start preparing the Thanksgiving meal now! As long as the grands don't assign names and fall in love with the gobblers!

  15. You are amazing! How do you do it all? Gardens, cookbooks, family, yard work, being a grandma, and now turkeys. What a lady! I can't wait to see your gardens.

  16. We are treasuring every drop of sunshine here much rain. I am beginning to feel like I live in Seattle =)

    Green houses and grand girlies...are the best!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson