Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day...

Today is a holiday...
so they say.

We won't be straying too far from the farm today...
as the spring work has barely begun!

And just to be sure we won't have problems with dust anytime soon...
we had a few more days of rain this weekend.

Today promises to be a lovely day.
So we will make the most of it!

And thanks to each and every one of you who have stopped by and left a comment on my give-away post this weekend. It is so nice to hear from all my blog readers.  Thank-you! 

The entry deadline is at 6:30 tonight...and the cookbook winner will be announced tomorrow.

Happy Victoria Day!


  1. Enjoy a beautiful day! You all deserve some sunshine.

  2. Beautiful mosaic! Worthy of a Queen!

  3. You have a great blog! I was raised on a farm, and those pictures you posted today, brought back memories. I would love to have a copy of the cookbook, to see all those wonderful recipes/pictures that I have heard so much about.
    Enjoy the day!


  4. I think you are going to have our sunny day of yesterday which is probably settled over the valley by now. Let us hope we have one or two more warm days to keep the tourists in town......the town needs the business....tough year this past winter.

  5. I can imagine you will be delivering lunch and dinner out to the field today. I know my man is happy about the dry day too. He is still waiting for the big manure spreader to show up and take the big pile away.

  6. Happy Victoria Day, Judy!

    I'm sure the cows are enjoying all the green grass that the rain has brought to your beautiful fields.

  7. Where you live is so beautiful it's hard to imagine one can really be so fortunate to have that to look at everyday!
    Enjoy every second of it...


  8. Such pretty pink blossoms! Are they apple?
    Happy Victoria Day and may God bless your land.

  9. It is such a busy time of year isn't it? It seems that everything needs to get done...yesterday!! Plowing, seeding, watering...and time waits for no one!

  10. Yes.. so good to have the sun come out... for you that means work .. but we make hay when we can, right? May it be a successful day on the farm.

  11. Enjoy your sunshine, all we have is rain so far. Not so good for farming around here right now! Gillian

  12. I love those farm scenes. Enjoy staying around home this weekend. I like to stay home this weekend and do some planting and other yard work.

  13. I've been weeding and cooking all weekend - weeding to stay ahead of the only things growing in my flower beds (except for the lovely hosta you gave me last year!) and cooking to feed the guests from Maui who were here for the Highland Games. Just a break now to read a blog or two, and then it's back to weeding for me!

  14. Happy Victoria Day! You're photos are just lovely.


  15. Happy that the weather has changed for you and hopefully you can get a few more things done, meanwhile it looks like you have some sewing projects on the go.
    One day at a time.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson