Monday, May 2, 2011

The National goes local...

Often...just before bedtime...we tune into CBC's The National with news anchor Peter Mansbridge.  We watch the top news stories from around the world and from across our country...though it seems eastern Canada gets the bulk of the coverage.  For the west to be featured, we must host the Olympic games or have an oil spill off our coast.  So I was more than surprised to see our local tulip fields front and center on The National the other night. 

Yes...the Tulips of the Valley are in bloom!  A little later than normal...and even wetter than usual...but so worth the drive to Agassiz.

The sun came out  few days ago...and we thought we would do a little tip-toeing through the tulip fields. By the time we arrived at the fields...the rains had returned.  Maggie posed for a few seconds...and then we made a dash for our vehicle!  

We will definitely be watching The National tonight...for the latest elections results.  That's right...we are having a federal election in Canada yet again! The man I have cast my ballot for in the past many not on the slate this time.  He is stepping down...after representing us well in Ottawa for many terms.  I'm linking to Chuck Strahl's farewell speech.

Wow! Who wouldn't want to be represented by a man like that?   We are so sorry to see him go....he leaves big shoes to be filled! 

We have no idea what our government will look like come tomorrow.  We can only do our little part...cast our ballot and pray. And then watch The National to see what happened...locally and across this land.

Enjoy the day...


  1. I love the tulips! What a lovely sight to see as I sit here sipping my coffee!!!

  2. God bless your elections and may there be men like Mr. Strahl who will step up. I did listen to his farewell speech...I can see why you are feeling a little low about his stepping away. Perhaps it is just for a season to recoup and regroup.

    Beautiful tulips and Maggie looks like the Tulip Princess.

  3. Oh, the beauty of that tulip field! May God's will be done in the elections today. Just praying for the right people to get the jobs!

  4. We're heading out shortly. Casting our ballot and stopping for a quick egg mcmuffin. We'll miss Chuck Strahl. Who oh who will the folks vote in? I wasn't nervous until a few days ago.

    Maggie is a sweet little flower girl.

  5. How fun to have those tulips right there nearby and a sweet little one to enjoy them with! Beautiful. I bet our friend Pondside is wrapped up with the elections today for sure. Have a good day Judy.

  6. What beautiful fields of tulips, I thought I was looking at Holland!

    Best of luck with your elections, they can change a country's direction, as we know only to well in the U.S.

    I am thankful that President Obama has made good on his promise - it was on the news last night! I am elated that our President is showing he's got what it takes!

  7. The tulips are gorgeous and so bright!! Lovely photos Judy.

    We finally have sun today! :)

  8. Well Maggie totally out shone the flowers...

    Hope the elections favor your preference.

  9. Ohh ! love those tulips!!! I haven't seen them yet, having been close to home recuperatin!
    But I'll watch for them tomorrow when we will be driving by!

    Beautiful photos, Judy!

  10. I enjoyed listening to Chuck Strahl's farewell speech. He's a wonderful man and I wish him well!

    I hope that Canada's next leader will be as inspirational and full of integrity.

    I always look forward to the tulip field photos on your blog each year! I think they are as scenic, or even more so, than Holland's tulips!

  11. Yes, cast our ballots and pray. This has been an interesting election, hasn't it? What will tonight's results reveal? God knows, and we can trust him.

  12. So the National actually went national? =) We've voted and we'll be tuned in tonite and praying for the best.

  13. The tulips are gorgeous! even in the rain... I listened to Chuck Strahl's speech, something I normally wouldn't do, and must say that he is an excellent speaker and a politician who actually has something to say. We would all benefit from more like him!

  14. Sorry to break the spell - it's always dangerous to talk politics!! Mr. Strahl was a constant "thorn in the flesh" to many farmers on the Praries, as he and his leader tried unsuccessfully to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board - I could certainly not use the word "integrity" to describe some of their antics!!
    I do enjoy your recipes - have to keep up our strength as the Conservatives will once more be on the attack!!

  15. Being on an American Cruise line, we did not hear about the coverage till later that night...we were somewhat choked...but yes, maybe our country can get back into shape. We were pleased with the results, actually somewhat shocked.


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