Tuesday, May 3, 2011

reason to celebrate...

We are flying high over here...

...with a newly elected majority government in place in Ottawa.   It seems we have been in a fruitless and perpetual election campaign for the past decade...and with a majority win for the Conservative government...they may actually be able to get on with the job of governing.  We have high hopes for our country...and wish Prime Minister Harper all the best! 

Oh...and we have more reasons to celebrate on this fine day.  Two special girls in my life are celebrating birthdays today.

My daughter-in-law, Broni...and my granddaughter, Ranen...share their big day!  We'll be having a family celebration in a few days...but I wish them both a wonderful day...today!

Have a terrific Tuesday...


  1. No need to answer that email I just fired off! I see. I see. ☺

    Is it just me or are these birthdays of Broni's and Ranen's just whipping around? It seems like just yesterday... Happy Birthday to both gals!

    Enjoy your celebrations. I'm so pleased for Canada.

  2. Birthday wishes for both your special gals! We are thrilled too about the outcome of the vote, although it cost a bundle - again!

  3. Absolutely fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  4. I was watching coverage from BC last night and found great satisfaction in seeing the conservative party taking majority.

    Happy year ahead for your birthday girls!

  5. OH. . .yes what a great evening. I was so happy to see the outcome when the coverage began.
    I did smile when I saw the second mosaic. .."my friend" Broni's birthday and sweet Ranen.

    Birthday Blessings to them both.
    (Did you give them each a autographed book?)

  6. I'm glad things went well in the election. A very happy birthday to the girls!!

  7. Nice to see someone so proud and happy to be Conservative. It is refreshing. I too was excited when I saw the news this morning.
    Happy family birthday celebrations.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. Love the picture collage! Happy happy day to both of them!!

  9. Happy Birthday to the girls....and by the way, they are both gorgeous!

  10. Happy birthday Broni and Ranen! How delightful to share the same special day!

    I'm happy that you are happy with your new government leadership! That is so good and you must be relieved.

  11. Happy day....all round! Love how you just keep celebrating!

  12. How exciting!
    I'm sitting here trying to catch up on some blog reading when I came to yours! We welcomed our newest addition this past Tuesday, May 3...and our little Blake shares a birthday with his uncle Timmy! So special!

  13. Happy Birthday to your two beautiful girls! What fun that they get to celebrate their birthdays so close together. You have so many creative ways to celebrate birthdays.


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