Friday, May 27, 2011

our children's children...

Children's children are a crown to the aged...
Proverbs 17:6

Children's children...that would be our grands.
The aged...that would be me.  (Really?)

The grands have a way of making the aged smile.

Maggie has a new obsession.
Everything seems to be about Mickey and Minnie these days!

Ranen celebrated her fifth birthday a few weeks ago.

Since her dad is laid up these days...
I thought Operation may just be the appropriate gift for her.
I was sure he would be more than willing to teach her a few surgical skills.
 I haven't heard how that is working out!

Micah...always with a ready smile.
Though we have noticed he is beginning to show his independence...
and even stands up to his sister from time to time.

And on the farm...the grands are only too happy to spend quality time outdoors with each other...
and with Bentley!

(For the record...this photo was borrowed without permission from Broni's facebook page.)
They will hold your hand only a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime. 
I have a new Grandma tool that I am loving.
I was in need of a new Bible...and decided this was the one for me.
It includes 365 the likes of Ruth Graham, Jan Karon, Corrie Ten Boom and Emilie Barnes.
It also has a place to record milestones in the life of my grandchildren...and suggestions on how to pray for them at each stage of their life.
The Grandmother's Bible...yes, that's the Book for me!
 Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. "I stand alone on the Word of God"
    Love this post Judy. Lovely photos of your grands. That's one great looking dog, too.

  2. Wonderful photos you capture or Broni does as the case may be. These are all genuinely happy kids. I love that line up of kids and a dog. He looks just as happy as they do!

    Hmmm, your new Bible sounds very good, too.

  3. That version is one I haven't seen but would love to browse through. Great pictures of your "Children's Children"

  4. Is this Grandma Bible in large print? :)
    Great photos of your grands!

  5. Beautiful children, beautiful words. A Grandmother's bible - what a good idea!

  6. As someone just starting out on the grandmother road, I enjoy reading about how other grandmothers interact with their grands. You do it will - with a heart for the Lord's presence in their lives.

    Beautiful children. Enjoy your new Bible.

  7. Yes, those are such true words from a Grandmother, one who loves her family and chooses to bring them up in a faith that is so valued from her heart.
    Thanks for making extra time for a few extra steps and coffee in a private little cafe. It's always good to pound the pavement.

  8. Your children's children are priceless gems in your crown!

    This looks like a lovely keepsake bible, Judy. I still have my bible that was a gift from my parents when I turned 10. I cherish it so much.

    My friend and I had a good laugh about being aging this morning as we went out for coffee and the waitress called us "dearies"
    My friend told me it meant we were now considered "old"!

  9. Your grands are beautiful, Judy !
    and what better deposit to make in their young lives than God's Word.
    Looks like your dog quite includes himself as grand 'Number 4' ! smile...

  10. Thanks for sharing that version of Bible. Off to take a look at it!

  11. Is the dog posing with the kids or they with him? So co-operative!
    That sounds like a Bible for me too!

  12. Adorable photo's. Awesome bible verse except aged? Hello God, in the bible people were grandparents early and lived to be 500 how can 40 50 or 60 be aged? or is 500 the new 50... Have an exciting weekend.


  13. I love this! my mom's birthday is coming up, this would be a perfect gift.

  14. great pictures...beautiful grands! haven't heard of this bible. i think maybe one has my name on it, too! :-)

  15. I loved this post.....I'd like to ask the same question Betty the print large?

  16. What a beautiful collection of grandchildren youi have Judy!
    And I love the idea of a grandmother's bible too.

  17. It's easy to see why they make you smile. That picture of the kids with the dog is priceless.

  18. Judy. ..what a precious post. I love your sense of humor and how you subtley use it throughout your blog.
    OH ..and I love how you credited the photo from facebook. ..:)

    The Bible looks just wonderful. ..definately going to look this one up.

  19. Lovely post Judy. Our Maggie and her twin sister love Mickey and Minnie too. I like the look of your new Bible....think I may take a look at one of those!

  20. Dear "Aged One", your grands are so blessed to have you praying for them and loving them like you do! A Grandmother's Bible...of course you would find that!

  21. Beautiful post and lovely shots of the grandkids! Love the one with Bentley.

  22. Great photos...I couldn't help notice something peeking out from one of your photos...the one with your grand opening up her "Operation" game.

    Oh there it is, an old white ceiling tin, oh could it be from Philipsburg MT??? Hmmmmm I think so. ;)


  23. Micah's smile just melted my heart. I need to get one of those grandma's Bibles. Thank you for sharing your find with us, and introducing us to such a special find. I also really like the picture you stole from Facebook:)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson