Thursday, May 26, 2011

playing with colour...

We are back to grey weather over here.

But the Canon knows how to add a little colour to a drab landscape!

Since my camera was set to accent the colour purple...

I took a few pic's around the house of purple posies.

The wisteria are just beginning to bloom.

And when I tired of purple...
I figured out how to change the accent colour to green.

(If I played with my camera a little more often...
I might actually know how to use all these features!)

May you all find something to brighten your day...
whatever the weather.


  1. Well I do know that it takes time to play and have fun with our camera's..The key is don't leave them behind...Did you capture the fresh snow on Mount Cheam?
    I do remember when you changed my pink shirt to red...
    I loved how you changed up your colors.

  2. What a great little camera feature Judy. I love your colour purple. .and green is also a favorite of mine. When we drive around I am always heard to say .. oh this is my favorite time of year. .everything is so lush.

  3. How fun....playing should never stop as we age. I would have to have lots of help from our girls to figure that kind of camera out. Play on!

  4. Your pictures are freaking me out! Too much like when The Wizard of Oz switched from black and white to color...flying monkey alert time!

    (Good for you for learning new camera setting tricks. How are you doing with the Canon camera setting that takes out wrinkles and excess body fat? :-)

  5. Well I'll be. Wonder if my camera has that feature. Sorry that the days have turned gray again and praying that it won't last long.

  6. I burst out laughing when I saw your photos. Yes, it's gray outside, but there's color, too. What a fun post.

  7. Fun experiments with your camera! Looks like Spring is trying to make a grand appearance at your place! I love Wisteria!!

  8. Wow I love those...I need a new camera...perhaps a Cannon !


  9. What?! I had no idea that camera's could do that! I might just have to go and get my manual out!!! At first I thought you had just gotten photoshop and were having fun editing photos...but this is way easier!

  10. Cool camera! I keep saying I am going to read my camera's "how-to" book so I can enjoy all it's features, but I haven't done it yet! Maybe this will inspire me!

  11. That camera feature makes very unique photos, Judy! Can it also pick out two colors at a time? Nice shots, and your garden is growing so beautifully.

    Hope your sunshine returns soon~!

  12. very pretty! I really really hope we get some sun soon!

  13. Okay, I love the comment about the Wizard of Oz...made me laugh.

    I absolutely LOVE the purple pictures...I am going to get out my handbook and see if my camera does the color changing thing too.

    Here's to more sun in your future.

  14. "May you all find something to brighten your day...
    whatever the weather."

    Thanks. Indeed, it is better to find happiness than to look for sadness and dwell on negative thoughts, eh.



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