Monday, May 9, 2011

the gifts of Mother's Day...

We spent Saturday afternoon at a fabulous local gift shop...signing books.  I was amazed at how many people stopped by to pick up a cookbook for the 'mom' in their life. 

Winks staff was busy gift-wrapping...and every gift for Mom left the store beautifully packaged in black and white.

I have no mom to buy for...or visit...or treat on Mother's Day.  But I have a mom that I think of who loved flowers and gardening. 

How appropriate that my 'heritage garden'...the one with flowers that originated in my mother's garden..was in full bloom for Mother's Day.  They were like a gift from I can look forward to each year!

I had a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day. We spent the evening with the kids and grands next door...

 ...enjoying dessert around the table and listening to tales from days gone by.  It's amazing what a mother learns after all these years...once they think it is safe to tell the stories.  Oh dear!  

At the end of the day...I was grateful for my family...the children and grandchildren with whom I share the journey of life.  They are the best gifts of Mother's Day!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the rest of the weekend....our second Mennonite Girls Can Cook Summit and our book launch celebrations.  It was a good time!


  1. Judy, like you my mum is just a memorey, also of gardens and flowers, and painting too. Those memories will never die.
    I'm so pleased your book is doing so well. I would love to know if it is available outside Canada?

  2. Winks really is a nice shop. I'm glad you had a nice day and evening. We've had some of those stories from the past that I'm happy not to have known about when they happened!!
    Have a great time today.
    Love your beautiful heritage garden!

  3. Such a pretty garden and how sweet that it was all in bloom for Mother's Day. Judy, your love for your mother and your memories of her have always blessed me.

    Oh I had to laugh at this: "It's amazing what a mother learns after all these years...once they think it is safe to tell the stories. Oh dear!" Truer words were never spoken. I've heard some tales now let me tell you. I suppose all mothers do. (And husbands tell such tales, too, when they don't think wives are listening. LOL!)

  4. Beautiful post and pictures! Ditto on Vee's comment!

  5. I plan to visit Winks with my daughter-in-law one of these days! It looks like a beautiful store!

  6. A memory garden is such a lovely idea and tribute as well.

    I have been trying to decide if I wanted to add white bleeding hearts to my own garden;after seeing your beautiful pictures I have made up my mind to do so.

    I am sure when they bloom each year in the future I will think about you and your mom too.

    It will give me another thing to talk with your mom about when we meet someday in heaven, after I finish telling her how much I admire all that her daughter has done.

  7. It looked like a wonderful day with your family, Judy. Mine was pretty quiet except the phone rang all day with wonderful calls from my children and nephews and nieces, which was very sweet.

    Your memory garden for your Mom is very beautiful! I'd love to be remembered by my children this way one day.

  8. I loved how beautifully wrapped Winks sent the cookbooks home for gifts. I should have paid her to wrap mine too. .
    OH you mother's day sounds just lovely and your heritage garden. OH my ..we should have had some of those photos in the book. .maybe one day!

  9. I love the memories of your Mom's flower garden. Absolutely beautiful. We all carry our mother's dear to the service of our hearts.

  10. Me too, Judy...just enjoyed my day and missed Mama and Mammy...but all in all, it was a great day here, too!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson