Tuesday, September 27, 2011

corn ~ the ups and downs...

A drive through the valley at this time of the year...

...reveals healthy stands of corn around every bend. 

Often 10 to 13 feet high...
this corn is grown specifically for the cattle.

In fact...
corn is the mainstay of the diet for our dairy cows.

On a 'normal' year...
it would be about ready for harvest now.

This year...
it got a very late start due to our wet spring...
and still needs a little time to mature.

As of yesterday...
some of the fields won't get a chance to do any further maturing!

A few storms rolled through our area...
storms like those that normally come in November.

Not far from here...
many of the corn fields lay flattened.

We are hoping our corn is still standing this morning.

If not...
the harvest will be a nightmare.

the joys of farming!


  1. I've been thinking of you and those farmers with corn...that wind is really howling...and I understand about the nightmare, and so is farming. Things have not changed.

  2. Oh Judy. This stinks. The only good thing about it is that God is not taken surprise by weather systems and late springs. You may not be able to depend on the corn harvest, but you can depend on Him and He has a plan.

  3. Sorry to hear this, Judy. I've been wondering about crops with all the rain and wind we've been having. Bummer.
    But as Vee has said, nothing takes God by surprise.

  4. Oh ouch Judy! I hope your corn can be salvaged.

  5. Oh Judy. . .I hope your corn is okay. That is devasting. I can't imagine the work that would be to salvage what could be.

  6. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this! Farmers have to deal with so many variables all the time. I hope your corn crop has survived!

  7. Somehow the wind didn't reach us here in Rosedale although I haven't been past my driveway this morning yet. I hope the damage to your corn was minimal. I think farmers all across the country have the toughest and least appreciated job. Strange, as not one of us can live without the food you grow.

  8. That totally sucks! Hoping and praying the weather gets better real quick!

  9. I wondered about your fields too.....that was quite the storm!

  10. Hope that your corn harvest goes well Judy. We are just starting to combine barley tomorrow. The farmer has been a mechanic since last week but everything's ready to go now.

  11. The weather all over the country has been so weird this year! Prayers for the farmers in general and YOU in particular!

  12. Oh.. that must have been some wind!
    I hope your corn is still standing.
    Can you use it this way if it's for the cows?

  13. So sorry to hear about the troubles. I don't suppose you could just let the cows out into the cornfields and solve 2 problems at once?

  14. We are watching so many of the farmers in our area working feverishly to salvage the corn from all of our storms. Today, we stopped and watched some farmers doing the harvesting with horses and wagons. I am sure it was made difficult by the corn stalks laying on it's sides. I sure do hope you all have been spared.


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