Monday, September 5, 2011

porteau cove

Discover Porteau Cove!  

We have passed the sign many times on our way to Whistler...
but never took the time to check it out.  

Last time through...we did!

It happened to be lunchtime...
and we needed a quiet place to enjoy our picnic lunch.

Could we have found a nicer spot?

Porteau Cove Provincial Park lies 35 kms north of Vancouver along the Sea-to-Sky Highway. 
Everything seems to be about scuba diving over there!
With a man-made reef which is made up of several sunken vessels...
over 150 marine animals now inhabit the reef.

We learned a few things from the divers...

...and then watched them venture in.

As for me...
I'll stick to the shore...
and use my Canon equipment instead!

If you are ever passing by this way...
check out beautiful Porteau Cove!

This week we plan to spend a few days exploring British Columbia's Sunshine Coast...
in the sunshine...
according to our trusty weatherman.
I may even send you a postcard or two.

Here's hoping you are enjoying this Labour Day holiday!


  1. Have a wonderful time Judy. Beautiful BC is just that - something new to discover around each bend in the road. Looking forward to seeing new vistas through your camera's lens!

  2. I agree...a beautiful spot for a picnic. I so often find new spots of interest when I come here and read of your many close to home.

  3. It is so beautiful there. My travel trailer is headed there tomorrow without me. I hope it has a good time. :) I wish I could go with it!

  4. I loved the Sunshine coast, and visited when my daughter was living in Sechelt for a while. Hope you have a good trip.

  5. Looks like a great picnic spot. I'm with you on the shore with my camera! :o)

  6. The Sunshine Coast in the sunshine - now there's something to experience! I know you'll have a great time. We camped one year at Porpoise Bay park - lovely and quiet when we were there.

  7. Such a beautiful spot to have a picnic. The driftwood looks great!

  8. What a fabulous little spot to lunch at. Love the gorgeous driftwood you captured.

  9. I'm glad that you are finding so many wonderful spots along the way for those quick stops...Each place is an adventure in itself and it's fun to poke around.
    Enjoy the rest of your journey on the Sunshine Coast. I wonder what you find out there.

  10. i love all that driftwood, it would help my garden look better....
    what a nice place. enjoy the rest of your trip!

  11. What a lovely spot!! How blessed YOU are! You didn't say what you served at yor picnic. Sandwiches? Fried chicken? Meat, cheese, bread and wine?
    I always love your posts!

  12. Enjoy your time! (We stopped at Porteou Cove when we took the Twilight Express for a special occasion.)

  13. Porteau Cove look very pretty! I love all the mountain views you ahve in your area.

    Enjoy your sunny holiday on the Sunshine Coast!!

  14. We've always zoomed by Porteau Cove but it might have to become a destination - at least for a picnic. I love the driftwood shapes.

    Enjoy this week on the Sunshine coast - isn't the weather gorgeous?

  15. Judy! This is wonderful news! I have always wanted to explore the BC coastline after a girlfriend did that and had such eye catching pictures to share. One was of the sunflower star fish beneath a pier; it looked positively magical.

    Keep that Canon clicking for me!

  16. PS: And what do you mean you had never seen that cove before? You've been so many exotic places, don't you know you are suppost to "See Canada First"?

    Eagerly awaiting shots from Hudson Bay and so forth...get crackin' ....Canada is such a HUGE country!

  17. Have a blast! We used to stop at Porteau Cove quite often to watch the divers when the in-laws lived in Squamish. Has Tourism BC contacted you yet? LOL!

  18. Enjoy these wonderful sunny days on the West Coast. We are going adventuring, too, for a 4 day weekend on our anniversary this week.

  19. Lucky for us, you stuck with using your Canon equipment. The pictures you captured are so interesting. My favorite...the daisy picture.


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