Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday morning murmation...

The skies have been grey these past few days...
and the picnic planned for yesterday afternoon was moved indoors.

It seems that fall has arrived.

There are clouds of another sort gathering over here as well...

...on our roof-top

...and lined up along the power lines.

A murmation of starlings.
(While geese travel in gaggles...
crows in murders...
and eagles in congregations...
a group of starlings is known as a murmation.)

They are waiting...
for the corn to be brought in from the fields.

Corn in the bunker...
a buffet for the starlings!

The European starling has another name...
a scientific one.

Sturnus vulgaris. 

Stern and vulgar...
seems fitting!

Shakespeare speaks of starlings in Henry IV.
In 1890 a Shakespeare fan named Eugene Schieffelin released 60 starlings into Central Park in NYC...
and another 40 the following year.

So began a biological nightmare.

It is now the most common bird in North American cities...
and I think they prefer the country!

They definitely like hanging out at my house.

On to birds of another feather...
the turkeys.

were a source of amusement for the grands and grandpa over the summer.

They were treated royally...
and had all but outgrown their digs.

Last week one day they left the farm in cages...

...and came home in the trunk of the car the next.

We are almost ready for Thanksgving over here...
other than the crops still in the fields.
The corn harvest may happen after Canadian Thanksgiving this year.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Educational post, I added a new word to my vocabulary..'murmation'.
    Autumn time..good eats all around!

  2. Beautiful looking turkeys you've got there. Yes, I'm thinking Canadian Thanksgiving as well, but no turkey (other than yours truly) in my house yet!

  3. First off - love your new header. Very interesting information about what groups of birds are called. I WISH we had some interesting birds around our house. Right now we have tons of pigeons. ewww. The part of your post I enjoyed most was the turkeys! haha Is Canadian Thanksgiving soon?

  4. got me! I hope that the grands aren't traumatized. Awww sugar! < wiping tears from eyes >

    Murmation, eh? Whatever, they look like a proper nightmare to me.

    Beautiful dahlias, Judy! Just scrumptious.

  5. Boy oh boy! Do they ever love the country. I noticed the sparrows are not diving around anymore. .they leave so silently. We have more crows and ducks than starlings.

    I so enjoyed hearing the turkey's. It looks like you could have quite a crowd.

  6. It really is a quiet 'between time' isn't it? Time to think about that Thanksgiving turkey and putting the flowerbeds to rest.

  7. ...and did you know that a group of hummingbirds is called a charm? So glad I lead a charmed life (LOL)instead of having all those starlings around!

  8. Hmmmm...maybe some bb guns for the older grands at Christmas might help the murmation situation! Thanks for the delightfully informative post!

  9. The starlings do look very eager to dine on some freshly harvested corn!

    The most common bird in my area is the common house sparrow, followed by, yes, starlings. I never knew their origins in NY -- how fascinating that they began that way.

  10. Well who knew?...murmation. It reminds me of that scary movie "The Birds" I'm cracking up about those turkeys. They sure look like they'll feed a good sized crowd. Your thanksgiving really is coming up soon...

  11. I knew about he starlings being released but did not know a group was called a murmation! I learn something new everyday. Thanks.....and great pics!

  12. Those starlings look like they are ready for a party any time!
    I didn't know that thre were so many expressions for different bird families.

  13. I've learned something new again...just in time for I had totally forgotten about your baby turkeys.
    Looks like they made themselves a new home.
    To be honest with you, I can't stand starlings....they make a mess.

  14. Interesting about the starlings.Guess you'll be having turkey...and lots of it...this fall! :-)

  15. As I read this post, I wondered to myself, "who it is that tells these little Starlings that the corn will soon be coming in?" Isn't it so interesting that they know? I appreciate the new facts that you shared with us regarding some of our feathered friends. With your blog, I never know what exciting and valuable info I will learn with my visits. That is why I look forward to coming here.


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