Friday, September 2, 2011

delights of the season...

I turned the page September.
With great reluctance...I might add! 
Summer came late here this year...
and I am sad to see it drawing to an end soon.

For now I will continue to enjoy the blooms of the season...
and coffee on the front porch.

We've made the most of our blue skies these past weeks....
and others have too.

We watched with interest as they harvested grain the old-fashioned way at our friend's farm...
compliments of our local Thresherman's Association.
My dad was quite impressed...
it felt rather like a home-coming to him.

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing...
the birds are singing...
and the lawn mower is broken. 
~ James Dent

In summer, the song sings itself. 
~ William Carlos Williams

The blooms...
the fruits of the season...
sunshine on the patio...
and time spent outdoors with those near and dear. 

 Those are the delights of the season!  
I'm hoping to hang on to them yet...just for a wee bit longer.

Have a wonderful 'end of summer' long weekend!


  1. Even though Autumn is my favourite season, I'm not yet ready for summer to end either.

    Beautiful photos Judy,
    have a wonderful long weekend,

  2. Your photos are (as usual) gorgeous. I must admit to being a teeny bit envious of your coleus plant. I grew up in the midwest & my grandma gave me starts when I was a kid that I kept alive for years. Now I live in the desert. Let's just say I've tried and failed to keep coleus alive here! Thanks for sharing yours...

  3. I feel the same about "leaving summer"! I love your quote by Williams...I will have to remember that one.
    Beautiful pictures as usual.
    I will have to settle for some "golden days of autumn" for now.

  4. I wish you a beautiful long weekend, and hope it's a sunny one. Out here the sea fog changed things up for us yesterday and it was very cold. I believe we'll get some warmth back though, if just for the weekend.
    Gorgeous images!

  5. Love that quote about the lawn mower being broken! Beautiful summer scenes at your place Judy. I hear we are going to be hot next week...

  6. A beautiful end of summer post. The wonderful thing about living in BC is our Septembers are often so gorgeous as well.

  7. I've enjoyed the adventures of your summer here as I've followed you around on your blog. It seemed like a very short season this year. Fall is in the air, but looks like we are promised some nice weather for the start of September. Love your photos!

  8. You captured the close of our short season beautifully! Now we just want to hang on to that and hope for a few encores.

  9. Your photos are beautiful, Judy!I am still in Colorado where the temperature has been in the 90's all week! I am actually looking forward to cooler weather ;)

  10. Beautiful photos, Judy. Like you, I'm reluctant to see summer end. I like the quote about the lawnmower being broken!

    Enjoy the long weekend.

  11. What a beautiful post. I loved the bouquet in the soda fountain glass with the straws inside. Very creative.

  12. Oh I hope that you can hang on for all the remaining weeks of summer. And let's hope for a delicious autumn, too. What beautiful photography, Judy. Simply stunning!

  13. Great photo's. Summer seemed to arrive in the UK today...been sooooo hot. Shame school starts again next week

  14. I feel the very same way!! I'm planning to enjoy every last minute of summer.

  15. What a grand entry to a new season and a great reminder of the season that twas with many good memories.
    How did you get those flowers embedded in front of Mt. Cheam?
    I am totally ready for the next season of fall.

  16. Sometimes I enjoy the last days of summer more than the first days of summer. They seem so satisfying. You have captured the end of summer vibe just right.

  17. WOW what beautiful pictures...Our God is so good,He has made such a beautiful world!!!We out here in the centre of Canada, have had summer ALL summer..very hot,and so unusual for us ,but we are BLESSED for the sunshine!!!

  18. I too am bemoaning the flip of the calendar...but I hear we are in for a few weeks of hot weather...hope it finds its way to Canada!

  19. Love that view of Cheam, it reminds me of growing up on Fairfield Island!

  20. I think your photos would make even the most enthusiastic Autumn lover, sad. You certainly know how to make a season look gorgeous! Makes one wish for the opportunity of sitting on your porch and soaking in the last of summers beauty. Here's wishing you a few more weeks of hot weather!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson