Monday, September 26, 2011

a misty autumn morning...

It seems it's not that hard to be up for the sunrise these days.

It's rather a magical time of the day...

...watching the sun come up through the fall mist!

The boughs and blooms drip with the weight of the morning dew.

Though I know better...
the morning fog makes it appear we are alone out here on the range.

From darkness to daylight takes but a few minutes...

...and by the time I had made one round with the camera...
the darkness had fled.

The pink petunias are history for this year...
with pansies and mums taking their place..

We've had family from the Okanagan spending the weekend with us.
It seems they are heading for home today...
after learning that come Monday they would be put to work on the farm.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The mist gives it all an air of other-worldliness.
    Over here it's pouring rain this morning - second day straight.

  2. I love your beautiful arbors, Judy! They look so magical in the morning mist.

    It became hot and humid here again this weekend, and it will last all week. It is what we used to call "Indian Summer" when we were children, although I ahven't heard that term used in years.

  3. Don't people pay big money for that kind of farm experience?
    Your misty morning photos are beautiful. I can smell it. . I love the way Autumn smells.

  4. Fog adds an air of mystery to the landscape - I love it, especially when I know it won't last too long.

    Rain, wind and dark skies here this morning.

  5. Ohhhh, so San Francisco'ish with the fog! It appears that we are both early birds today! LOL

  6. Your photo's are beautiful....thanks for sharing them

  7. Ah..I remember that morning being reminded of the season of Fall.
    Today's rain will leave your garden looking a bit droopy. But I know that your company will be enjoying the hospitality in your home whether rain or shine.

  8. Beautiful! Your covered arches and all of your flowers in the morning mist are gorgeious! There is a feeling of the weather change ... seasons are changing.

  9. Beautiful misty moisty shots of your home on the range! That is a magical time in the morning...

  10. The word 'serenity' comes to mind.

    Beautiful pictures Judy. I love the small white flowers on your arbor. Is that a fall clematis? I have one similar but it only has half the blooms yours does.

  11. I love your "misty morning" pictures. They are breathtaking. So quiet,serene and tranquil. Just Beautiful!!

  12. Hi Judy & my bro
    First signs of Winter driving back to the Okanagan today. Snow at the Penask Summit and Brenda Mines.
    Oh Yuck!!
    Thanks for the most incredible weekend. Your host and hosting skills are one of a kind. (the tour -the napkins -oh say!
    Love ya!!

  13. Very English moor of a post, Judy. Fog certainly changes the look of things. Are those roses growing along the fence? They seem very happy!

  14. I love how the world seems so soft and mystical in early morning fog. Beautiful shots!

  15. Brigadoom beautiful, with magical fog and flower filled arbors. No wonder why you are eager to stroll your property in the early morning mists.

  16. It looks like you still have wisteria and jasmine and hydrangeas still in their prime. How can this be? Is that a PG hydrangea? So beautiful and they are so abundant!

  17. "Magical" is the best word to use for that time of the morning. I picture you sitting on the rockers with the gorgeous view in front of you, and a hot cup of coffee in your hands. I am sure you could enjoy that for at least a few minutes before the work of the day begins. I really liked these pictures you captured.

  18. Fabulous early morning pictures Judy. thanks for sharing them with us!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson