Thursday, September 15, 2011

the sunshine coast ~ skookumchuck

As we carried on north up the Sunshine Coast...
our next 'must see' was Skookumchuck Rapids, the largest salt-water rapids on the west coast. 

We timed it to arrive at high tide...
when current speeds exceed 30 kilometers per hour. 

Since we had visited the rapids once before (several decades ago)...
we knew we were in for a bit of a hike before arriving at the viewing area.

A leisurely 4 kilometere walk through pristine forest trails was not a hardship!

The sun filtering through the overhead leaves made for a great canopy.

As we neared the rapids we met hikers returning...
who told us we were in for quite a show.
We really had no idea what we were in for!

Experienced kayakers come from around the world to 'play boat' n these rapids.
And they had come to do a show for us on that particular day!

We found the best seats in the house..
at Roland Point...
and settled in for a good time!

Some rode for minutes...
others never lasted too long...
but they all seemed to be having the time of their life!

Did I tell you that 'skookumchuck' means strong water?
When their ride ended...
they struggled to the shore and scrambled over the rocks where we sat.

We had a nice chat with this guy...
who hailed from Montana...
and was photographing the water adventures with a camera attached to his helmet.

His fellow 'play boaters' were from Holland, New Zealand, and other intrigueing places...
all in beautiful British Columbia just to play in the water.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the show was over...
as we had another ferry to catch that afternoon.

And on our drive out...
we were warned to proceed slowly and with caution...
as the endangered painted turtles were also using the road.

I smiled at the sign...
as turtle crossings aren't that common in this part of the world.

And yes...we got to the boat on time!

I'll save the rest of our Sunshine Coast experiences for next week...
and switch gears for tomorrow.


  1. You bring back some lovely memories for me, Judy!

  2. Wait a minute...must pick jaw up from floor to action shots are incredible. Did you tell them about your blog so they could see those pictures? They are so frame worthy.

  3. Beautiful hike and great water shots, Judy!

  4. That first foto you posted of a kayaker (is that a word?) is awesome!

  5. I love your travel tours. I thought your photos of the rapid adventurers were fantastic.

  6. Beautiful photos Judy. I've been away too long, trying to catch up on my blogs. I've been working non-stop at the store all summer, fun, but sad that this is her last season, did you catch my last post?

    Hope your summer has been fabulous!

  7. What a fun treat! The photos are amazing and could be in a sport magazine! (or a cookbook LOL)
    Love the turtle crossing sign.

  8. You photos make me want to get in the car and go exploring.
    Just a quick question, your hike to the falls...would it work to take a stroller through there?
    Just thinking!

  9. Wow! What exciting photos and what an exciting adventure for those kayakers! It takes youth to be so brave and daring. I agree with Vee that those men would probably love to see their photos here.

    The turtle crossing sign made me smile

  10. You always have the best adventures! Things must be calm on the farm now.
    I have a picture of a "Turtle Crossing" sign in Hawaii. I thought it was such a funny idea!

  11. PS Amazing photos of kayakers. They could be advertisements for the equipment, sports stores, etc.

  12. Marian...there were bikes on the trail...and I'm thinking a stroller would work for the most part.

  13. I,m sitting on the ferry reading about your sunshine coast adventures, while we are carefully planning our bike trip to Sooke and find our favorite restaurant, Point to Point. There is so much to see and do.

  14. Your photos are terrific, and the description is like being there! Reading your blog is like taking a vacation with you, Thanks for bringing us all along and enjoying the sites!!

  15. I've always loved that name - and the word Skookum, which I'd never heard until I came to British Columbia. You two have the best adventures, and I'm so glad you share them.

  16. Wow! You got some beautiful shots there! You should email the one you got of the guy with the camera on his head to him... What he does remeinds me of my son-in-law ... he had a camera that attaches to handlebars etc ... takes pretty cool photos.

  17. Beautiful, exhilarating, amazing shots!

  18. Adding those falls and the "show" to my wanna see someday list!

  19. After seeing this post, I put "the sunshine coast" on the top of my bucket list. So gorgeous!


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