Thursday, September 29, 2011

just a little something....

I have made some wonderful friends through blogging these past few years.
And I have learned so much from them!

I'm not always so good at coming up with ideas on my own...
but my bloggy friends are quite willing to share.
 And I am a good copykat!

I have picked up many ideas from my friend Judy on her blog...
Who would have thought of using antique crystal salt and pepper shakers as mini vases?
And who would have known that the can be purchased for 'peanuts' at the thrift shop?

Judy shared her inspiration a few years ago...
and I began my mini-vase collection soon after.
They make great vases next to the bathroom sink...
or to house a wee rosebud as a gift!

Perfect for fall...
an orange mum or two and a sprig of parsley.

Another idea I borrowed from Judy...
was that of writing messages on a plate.
Choose the plate of your choice...
write a message with a whiteboard marker...
and display on a picture stand.
Change the message to suit the day!

 The message on the plate is for my sweet grandgirlie who turns three today.
She won't be seeing it though...
since she is far away floating down the lazy river in the sunshine with her mommy and daddy.
We'll be celebrating with her next week!

And here's a little something that I saw in a florist display case once...
and thought it was a fun idea I could copy quite easily.

Use an ice-cream soda fountain glass as a vase...
fill with flowers of your choice...
and add two drinking straws to the arrangement.

The soda fountain vases can be found at the thrift store as well...
right near the salt and pepper shaker vases...
and for next-to-nothing!

And those are my 'little somethings' for today!


  1. Oh I like all these ideas. I am using my grandmother's old perfume bottles (quite vintage by now) for small vases in the bathroom, but those salt and pepper shakers add a lovely touch.

    Happy birthday to Maggie! Three already? How does this keep happening? Hope that everyone has a lot of fun floating down that lazy river.

  2. Ok, I am totally stealing, er I mean borrowing the salt/pepper vase and writing on the plate ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love borrowing ideas as well. I've borrowed the idea for writing on the plate and have been sticking wee posies in tiny receptacles for some time. .but I never thought of the salt and pepper shakers.
    thanks Judy ..and Judy.

  4. Love these idea...especially the shakers for beside the sink. The "vase" is so tiny that any garden bit will work, no need to cut all the garden flowers to get a full bouquet.
    Long ago another Blogger had suggested using salt shakers with lids on for arranging flowers with fine stems. Silly me..I didn't think about using the shakers without the lids too!

  5. You just blessed the socks right off of me:) You are so dear! Thank you for your kindness and for sharing the ice cream idea. I really like that! Thank you God for the world of blogging friendships.

  6. Lovely photos and ideas! Your header photos are beautiful, too!

  7. Happy Birthday Maggie - Hope you are having a great time on your special holiday.

    I only read your blog about Nyla last night at the close of day. Indeed a special lady, friend and like an older sister to me.

    I'm already having fun trying some of those fun ideas, just spent the weekend with you Judy.


  8. What great ideas, Judy. I'll have to check out a thrift shop before the world has read this post and all the salt shakers and soda glasses are gone.....or marked up in price!

  9. I like the salt and pepper shaker vases . . . passed on!
    And thanks for the reminder about the whiteboard marker.

  10. I too have stolen many ideas from Judy whom I love to bits!!

    My favorite it the plate....I write something new for my hubby everyday. I catch him looking for it when he gets home from work :-)


  11. These are great ideas. Isn't the blogging world great for sharing things like this?

  12. I think some of the best ideas and inspiration come from the blogging community. You have executed Judy's idea perfectly and I picked up another idea from you with the sprig of parsley. Perfect greenery for a petite arrangement like this.
    I had seen the idea for the hydrangea soda on tv years ago. I even bought the glass, but have yet to try it. Thanks for the reminder. Yours looks adorable.

    Happy Birthday to your grandgirlie.

  13. Great ideas Judy - I'll have to find a plate to use as a message board for my kitchen. I do love to browse the glassware in thrift shops. It's amazing what you can find. I love it when people share ideas for repurposing pretty things.

  14. Again, I repeat the words cute...I loved the last idea most..because we could fill that vase with FResca and zip together on the straws...after our tennis game today!
    It's fun to use/steal other ideas.

  15. The lazy river has unfortunetly been avoided since I accidently dumped her off her tube earlier in the week. Whoops. She is having a lovely birthday though, she woke to a floor covered with balloons and is looking forward to going to see the Lion King on the big screen this afternoon.

  16. Each idea is a gem, Judy! I save pretty little olive oil bottles to use as flower vases but S&P shakers is a wonderful idea. Judy is very sweet -- I love her blog.

    Happy 3rd birthday to Maggie! She is just a few months older than my oldest is hard to believe how quickly they grow!

  17. Love your ideas! And of those shared! I am going to find me a gorgeous white plate and white board marker! GREAT idea!!

  18. I never thought of writing on a plate! Good idea! I do something similar, I have an old picture frame that I cut scrapbook paper to fit inside and hung on the wall and now I write different things on the glass with a white board marker once in a while. It is much cuter then having a white board on my kitchen wall!

  19. I just happen to have some old s&p shakers. I guess I'm a copykat, too. Thanks for the post.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson