Monday, September 12, 2011

remembering yesterday...enjoying today...and looking forward to tomorrow!

We had many reasons to reminisce this past weekend.
Some were pleasant memories...
others not so much.

But it also happens to be my hubby's birthday on September 11th...
 and he thought a fine birthday gift would be to go watch a B.C. Lion's football game in the old Empire Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

And it was!
Having good friends to enjoy the game with...
and the warmest temperatures of the summer...
all the better.

For two years the home of the B.C. Lions has been under renovation...
and so they returned to their original playing field during that time...
Empire Field.
Empire Stadium was built in 1954 for the British Commonwealth Games.
It seated 32,000...and was home to the B.C. Lions until 1983.
It also played host to the Beatles and Elvis Presley...
and the Billy Graham Crusade back in the day.

Saturday afternoon was the final game at Empire Field...
and a fabulous game it was!

The stadium is now being dismantled...
and will be replaced by 'green space'.

Before the game began there was a moment's silence in memory of 9/11..
and then the American anthem preceded the singing of  'Oh Canada'. 

We share our neighbour's pain!

I'm a little clueless when it comes to football...
but it was a good time all around.

And the right team won...big time!

B.C. Lions 28 ~ Toronto Argos 6

The half time show included a 'drive' down memory lane.
Players who played in Empire Stadium in the fifties, sixties and seventies...
rode through the stadium in appropriate vintage style.

The game ended with a lot of hoopla...
and a wee bit of smoke.

The air cleared...
as did the bleachers...

...and everyone left in a good mood.

It was the perfect way to put the Empire Stadium to rest!

The renovations to B.C. Place Stadium are about done...
and we caught a sneak peek before we left the city yesterday. 
It comes complete with the largest cable-supported retractable roof of its kind in the world.
And that is where the B.C. Lion's will be playing all future home games.
I'm sure we'll find some excuse to visit the venue soon. 

In other news...
the MGCC team signed books at the Ten Thousand Villages booth at our local  MCC relief sale this past weekend.
We met so many wonderful and encouraging folks...
and heard stories that I wish we could share.
TTV's ran out of books long before the day was done...
and so we closed shop a little early!

photo by Beatriz Photography

One year ago...
we met together for the very first time...
the ten of us from Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

A lot has happened since that time...
and we can only give God the glory.

We look forward to whatever tomorrow has in store.


  1. Judy. .wonderful to remember and to look forward. What a fun filled weekend you shared.

    It was a wonderful weekend and it was good to remember.

  2. Hi Jusy,

    I am planning on trying to make the Ziebach rolls/buns but I am a little confused by the potato water and potato flakes for ingredients. Could you please explain the method for me--Thanks a bunch!

  3. Elmer's birthday is what helps turn the date around to a good thing. I'm glad that he had a happy birthday!

    That's a great picture of you gals sportin' the cutest aprons around. I think it's fabulous that your host ran out of books. That just goes to show how very well done this book is. I love mine. Love it, love it, love it.

  4. Marlene... Is it a recipe in the cookbook you are referring to? The refrigerator potato roll recipe...or the zwieback recipe? Potato flakes are simply 'instant mashed potatoes' and are an easy way of adding gluten to your dough...making it light and airy. Just add the potato flakes to the liquids in your recipe, so they dissolve. If you send me an e-mail at, I'll respond to any specific questions via e-mail.

  5. Oh my...has it only been a year? Looks like a great full weekend Judy. A very happy belated birthday to your guy!

  6. Yes many memories were celebrated this past weekend. We will continue to make many more. From booking signings, to birthdays, to games..Each is a First for that day.

  7. The vintage cars bringing out the players from the past was a great idea! Happy belated birthday to the birthday boy! And congrats on a successful sellout at TTV!

  8. The weather looked fabulous for the football game! happy belated birthday to Elmer. It looks like the new stadium will be very beautiful and functional.

    Great news about the MGCC sell out! Continued success with this wonderful cookbook!

  9. We were at the game too; it was a HOT one! Great game though!!

  10. Has it been a year already? I don't know where the time goes.
    A belated Happy Birthday from the two of us over here to your dear husband!

  11. It sounds like a great way to celebrate Elmer's birthday, with a football game and vintage car show--a very Manly celebration! And then an anniversary of the MGCC girls in your aprons! What a lot to celebrate.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson