Friday, September 16, 2011

the week that was....

Though it may seem I've been enjoying the sights of the Sunshine Coast all week...
in reality I have been at home flitting from one thing to the next...
it seems.

I'll give a little peek into a few things that have happened here these past days...
and leave the Sunshine Coast finale for next week.

The week began with sunshine...

...and Maggie ran about in our pasture and enjoyed the last of the season's dandelions.

We had birthdays to celebrate...
lots of them.

Hubby and my dad are each one year older...
and we also marked four birthdays with friends on Tuesday night.

We did a MGCC presentation for a group of ladies at the local Best Western this week...
...and Marg and I had a little fun the night before as we prepared.

We got into our official MGCC uniform...
and snuck across the fields to crash a 'splurge party' at my daughter-in-law's.  
It really is quite a closed club...
and we definitely were not invited...
but we we never stayed long!
Aprons and gum boots...
my grandmother would have liked it!   

And while we are on the topic of MGCC...

...I gave my nephew a copy of the cookbook to call his own.  
It seems he wasn't that gung-ho about displaying a book with that title in his bachelor pad...
so his comes complete with a dust cover that says...

And guess what?  
He can cook!

And on the farm...
there is building happening.

The trusses for the new barn addition were being erected yesterday.

As for summer...
it seems to have fled.
Maybe it is time to welcome autumn!

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. You and Marg are just too fun! Dairymary

  2. What a week! I love the catch-up. You and Marg may start a trend - stranger things have happened!....

  3. Big grin here on your fashion statement....and your cooking Mennonite guy. Your sense of humor tickled my fancy too.

  4. Great the wellies! So what is a 'splurge' party? I have never heard of it before

  5. Am loving those aprons and gum boots:) Sweet girl enjoying the dandelion fluffs.

  6. I smiled at each of the things you highlighted today. Sweet Maggie...birthdays....cookbook 'dust cover'
    ....friends in aprons....expansion at the farm. Wow....what a week!

  7. Enjoyed all your photos but especially your grand and the dandilions <3


  8. I love all these photos. I think we should do a group shot of the farmer girls in our gum boots!

    OHHH. .new barn addition. .my beloved leaned over pretty quick to look at this picture as I read aloud.

  9. Congratulations on the new barn addition!

    I love the photo of your grand girl romping among the dandelions. My older grandson took great delight blowing on every fuzzy dandelion he found when we took walks together during my last visit. It is as if nature made a toy just for them.

    You and Marg may start a new fashion look! :)

  10. Ha! Love the photo of you and Marg in your boots and aprons! Sounds like one very full week for sure!!

  11. You and Marg are quite the pair. Love the gumboot touch.
    It's been a busy week for you alright - never a dull moment.
    Love the Mennonite Guys Can Cook too cover.

  12. Great outfits! Love the aprons and gum boots!

    Great cover too, for your guy...very clever!

    Enjoy the Autumn weather!


  13. The aprons and boots are so cut, and you 2 girls look like mischief about to happen. Never heard of a 'splurge party'...The new barn addition looks enormous!

    No wonder you two needed a vacation first.

  14. Looks like a busy, but fun, week for you. Love that picture of you and Marg. I am curious about the "splurge party" too. I haven't heard of that before.
    The new cookbook cover for your nephew is so cute.

  15. You two look so cute! I have no idea how to read between the lines about this party crashing, but I'm sure that it was a riot. Now I know that you are able to do double duty, triple, and even quadruple duty! You're getting good at being lots of places at once.

  16. Your side of the fence looks mighty busy but it looks like you are still keeping all your ducks in a row there with faith, family, farm and fun.

  17. You and Marg look like you could dance in those boots as well as cook! Life is always busy at your farm and I bet you love every minute. Keep smiling!

  18. To those of you who are wondering what a 'splurge' party is...let me explain. It is a group of twelve ladies that get together once a month. It is like a shopping club, where each of them puts in $20 a month, and one gal is the lucky winner of a $240 shopping spree. They get to buy whatever they want…except groceries or bill paying! The one whose name is drawn is also the hostess for the next month’s meeting. She plans some fun event (spa night, movie night, ‘amazing race’, or whatever…) and provides refreshments. So that is is what we 'crashed'!

  19. Thanks for the perspective on the grands. I am lovin mine to pieces too!

    I am slowly contemplating fall :) Our weather is so Indian summerish that I can pretend it still may be summer =)

    Your life does indeed look full and fun and always accomplished with such grace and a great sense of humor.

  20. Wow! Love the picture of you and Marg! You would make your mother proud. And you Mennonite guy who can cook, might just become quite popular with this post:)

    New barn additions are always exciting. Agricultural growth is good!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson