Tuesday, October 11, 2011

around the table and more...

With Thanksgiving weekend falling in the middle of our fall harvest this year...
it was decided that we would gather around the table on Sunday for dinner.

The table was set and ready for the family to arrive...
when the sun came out!

Aha...perfect for a quick family photo before dinner...
thought the mother!

First to arrive was Maggie...
well, she came with the rest of her family in tow, actually.

She had no trouble finding her crab apple place card on the table...
and immediately settled in her chair.

She spent a little time re-arranging things...
and once it was all just right...
she ran to play.

Before the rest arrived...
I thought we should try out the lighting...
and find a backdrop for the family photo.

Lucy agreed to be our model...
and then promptly fell asleep.

The rest of the gang arrived fifteen minutes later...
and I herded them all outdoors for a photo.

Where's Lucy?
'I am NOT waking her up just before we have dinner'.
So said her Mama.

What are the chances of getting everyone to pose for me again before Christmas?

We had a fine time around that table!
 The kids ran off to play...
and the rest of us re-counted some of our many blessings.

And what exactly was all that noise upstairs?

They were playing with Brewster ~ The Rooster.
Brewster has been around for over four decades.
He was once a source of amusement for our nieces and nephews...
and then later our own children...
when they visited their grandparents. 
He was purchased for $6.00 back in the day.
Truth be told...
he scares the kids a little.
But they like that!

It was a good time...
together with family for Thanksgiving.


  1. He scares them? What does he do?

    Good thing you got a photo of Lucy early. Why is it that daughters can be so difficult? Ha!

    Lovely table, lovely family, and sweet, sweet Lucy...

  2. Great photo's and lovely family. I cant remember the last time we had a whole family photo...think it was our sons wedding 3 years ago and now we have another baby! No chance before Christmas with part of the family in South Africa :( Glad you had a blessed time together

  3. Yes, what a moment of sunshine...Some beautiful photos and you did not even need and photographer. Looks like your day was filled with blessings and now you have your Christmas card ready to go.

  4. Sunday was a beautiful day here, too, and then the rains came yesterday. It looks like you picked the right day for dinner and a photo!

  5. I'm laughing ..
    ~ boxes behind the kids all open ..looks about right
    ~ the mother trying to get that Christmas photo ~ sounds about right
    ~a toy that scares them...our jack in the box was put outside in the garage after last gathering
    ~ a carefully arranged table quickly investigated and rearranged ..of course.

  6. Your family is so close in make-up to ours that I look at the picture and imagine ours together like that. It's a good thing Lucy was in a practice shot... and you had them all under one roof.
    I like those apple place cards... was remembering them last week when I did the thanksgiving table post.
    We have so much to give thanks for.
    I join you in that.

  7. That's a most handsome family you collected together for a photo (except for sweet Lucy). So much to be thankful for.

  8. Beautiful family shot. That little Lucy has really grown. Such a cutie! Brewster the Rooster cracks me up!

  9. You must have had a wonderful day with your family. the rooster game was a good buy. The children must have had so much fun. Glad you had such a nice day together.

  10. I count it an honor to step inside your family's celebrations. The picture of Lucy stole my heart, and the one of all but Lucy made me smile. I will hope the best for you in your Christmas family endeavor:) The table is so beautifully set and the little ones with the rooster was priceless!

  11. Love your table setting! My mom does a themed candy holder for every family get together, except this year, since none of us were around or available for a whole family get together! Do you know how hard it is to get everyone together for a family photo?! Couldn't Lucy sleep in mommy's arms? At least you know for sure that she was there then! Or you could use photoshop? LOL.

  12. It is still a wonderful family portrait even if Lucy is missing ..she will understand why when she is older..naps come first when you are under one years old.

    I am in California this week and enjoying more warm weather..it is feeling like an endless summer! :)

  13. PS I hope to finally have a family portrait deom at my daughter's wedding, but I'm already convinced thatone of my grandsons will also be asleep at the time and miss it...lol

  14. Great pictures .... I am getting caught up on visiting my blogs...also loved the spider web pictures too. :)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson