Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a strawberry shortcake celebration...

Maggie invited...
and they came!

It was a celebration in honour of her third birthday!

Strawberries have always been forbidden fruit for Maggie since she has severe strawberry allergies...
so it only makes sense that she would want a strawberry shortcake theme for her birthday...

Some three decades ago her mommy had a strawberry shortcake birthday party...
and a cake that looked much the same.

Mommy's strawberry shortcake doll is now Maggie's.
What goes around...
comes around!

Maggie's uncle came incognito...
and made balloon animals for all her friends.

What happens when a pink balloon kitty goes 'pop'?
When the tears stop...
the clown makes another one.

'Happy Birthday' is one of her favorite songs...
and so she joined right in!

Once the wishes were made...
and the candles were blown...

...she invited her friends to indulge.

And then there were gifts.
Oh...what joy!

And where would Baby Lucy be?
I finally went upstairs to check.

She slept through the entire 'very loud' party...
while He watched over her!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Maggie...
and may God watch over you every step of the way!

With love,


  1. I love it Judy. Your little Maggie has grown so fast and she is a little doll. Love the crying photo.That is a keeper.
    Beautiful words on the wall.

  2. Sweetness! Happy birthday Maggie.....what a party you had. Love that balloon man.

  3. awww, very sweet! What a great-looking party :)

  4. Maggie is such a pretty little girl with her beautiful ringlets. She really is her daddy's girl I think, though I see some of her mother, too. What I can't believe is that she is already three! What a sweet way to have a strawberry cake that isn't a strawberry cake.

  5. What a sweet cake for a sweet little girl. It's so cool when items not only get passed down to the next generation of kids, but get loved and used. All the photos were cute. Looks like fun was had by all (except for the balloon popping...!)

  6. It's hard to believe she is three already! I have known you this whole time! Smile.
    The cake is beautiful ... I wonder if that strawberry shortcake doll is still around here somewhere. It was, not too long ago.

  7. What a beautiful glimpse of your Maggie's 3rd birthday! Her red hair and the cake remind me of my daughter's 4th birthday when one of the "grandmothers" on our street made a dolly cake for my daughter. Saving Maggie's mom's favourite toys was such a smart thing for Granny to do!

  8. What a precious party! Thanks for inviting all of US so we can share in the fun! Great party!

  9. Adorable and what a lovely party and you know just how to be so supportive. I loved that one photo.
    I'm almost tired looking at all the activities, they sure have energy.

  10. Lovely photo's of a beautiful little girls...glad Maggie had fun!

  11. You gals sure know how to do up a fabulous Birthday party. Happy Number 3 Maggie.

  12. So so sweet. I remember those Strawberry Shortcake days. All the nieces had them. Katie kind of missed those days. The party looks like lots of fun!

  13. Looks like a great bday! My four year old grandgirl has the same scooter and she LOVES it! So, I think Maggie will have many happy times riding hers! :-)

  14. Sweet granddaughters. Sweet party. I love all your family celebrations.

  15. Happy 3rd birthday to Maggie! It has been a delight to see her growing up the past 3 years.She had a wonderful party, and how pretty she looks!

    My daughter had the same Strawberry Shortcake doll, Judy. Very sweet memories :)

  16. Too cute! And Strawberry Shortcake is back?! Wow.

  17. The real dolly just keeps getting more adorable each year. Wouldn't it be fun if someone would make kid friendly perfumes that matched the strawberry shortcake doll scents? All those dolls used to be owned by my daughter and I could always get a lift by getting a whiff from them.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson