Thursday, October 6, 2011

living at the airport...

We have a lovely airport...
the Vancouver International Airport...
that is!

  It is Canada’s second busiest airport...
and served 16.8 million passengers last year.

When we travel....
I always compare other airports to YVR.
Most fall short.

But spending a night in the airport is not my idea of a good time!
Spending 80 nights would not interest me in the least.
YVR is celebrating it's 80th anniversary this year.
They ran a contest to find someone who would live at the airport for 80 days...
and share the stories with the world.

I never entered!

But Jager Mah did...
and he won the contest.

He has been living at the airport since August 17th...
and has some great stories to share.
I've been checking up on him from time to time...
at the Live@YVR website.
He'll be there for another 30 days.
Check it out.

I think there is a reason he won the contest!
He's a great ambassador for the airport.


  1. That was very interesting. I watched several of his videos, but was most intrigued by the 9-11 remembrance. On the East Coast, we heard more about the airports our way. Canada was an amazing host to so many stranded passengers during that time. It truly shows incredible humanity and graciousness. Thank you for featuring this dude hanging out at the airport. He might not leave!

  2. What an amazing idea! As Vee said, perhaps he will make a permanent home there!

  3. Thanks for sharing the web-site Judy - I'd heard about him. YVR is beautiful, but not sure there's anywhere comfie to sleep!

  4. When Tim and I saw the announcement about the winner, Tim's response was "what a terrible job that would be," and mine was "what fun!" The lucky man gets to stay at the Fairmont hotel right in the airport. I stayed there once and it was wonderful to just get up in the morning and walk to the airline checkin counter.

    Thanks for the website link. I'm definitely going to check it out.

  5. Wow...80 days at the airport. That really would be something else. I'll have to click over and check out some of his adventures...
    And there are some really ugly airports out there that I've been in! I appreciate the nice ones...

  6. I forgot about him. .I'll go check him out. Thanks for the reminder. We do have a beautiful airport, I think that everytime we pass through. I seem to love it more going than coming though.

  7. I never heard of such a thing! LD and I spent 24 hours in London's Heathrow airport two years ago. Not altogether a terrible experience!
    I am going to check out that link right now! Thanks! You always post something interesting!

  8. I did check out the site. The longest i've spent there was 7 hours on the way to Maui but I sure wouldn't want to stay that long. YVR really tops all the Canadian airports i've been to. I wonder if he took a leave from his job - I'll have to check out his blog again...

  9. I heard about this on CBC. I can't imagine willingly staying at the airport! I've spent a night in more than one airport around the world - it makes for a pretty bad bedroom!

  10. I think I will keep my eyes peeled for him in the next never know.
    What an interesting challenge...he will have the experience of his life.

  11. I can't imagine living 80 days in an airport but if he is sleeping at a hotel on premises that makes it more comfortable. He will probably write a book about his experiences!


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