Tuesday, October 18, 2011

out and about...

We are so enjoying these days of fall sunshine.
There are many pictures begging to be taken!

 (photos taken on a country road in Rosedale, BC)

Bright red Virginia creeper...
hens running free...
snow on Mt. Cheam...
a picture of autumn in my corner of the world.

On Sunday afternoon we went for a drive...
to a place we had never been before.
Our destination was Rolley Lake Provincial Park...
which we had often heard about...
but never visited.

It seems the powers-that-be think mid-October is too late to visit the park.
We didn't think so!
So we left our car outside the locked gate...
and walked in.
We were in good company!

A quiet little lake...
with spacious campsites...
it looks like a lovely place to come in the summertime.

We walked along the lake...
and down a short trail to Rolley Falls.
I see I should have done my homework before we set out.
We saw the Upper Falls...
and were not aware that if we had carried on a little further...
we would have come to the more spectacular Lower Falls.

 We returned the way we had come...
and visited nearby Stave Lake before heading home.
Allouette Lake, Stave Lake and Ruskin....
three adjoining dams...
provide hydro power to our part of our province.
So close to home...
it was high time we explored some of these places.


  1. Judy, I am glad to read that you have decided to explore your local sights. Is there a book of day hikes for your area? We have a book of hikes within sixty miles of SLC, and we enjoy picking out destinations...a new adventure each time and the write ups tells us how difficult the hike will be and interesting details about the area too.

    Maybe you and the girls could all start hiking more...exploring, then writing "Mennoite Girls Can Hike" It seems only right to do so after plugging calories for so long.

  2. Whoops..I double posted a comment! Wanted to also say the creepers on the windmill is astonishing! And that I am surprised your forests haven't fully turned color yet.

  3. What a pretty park. Sometimes the best things are right on our doorstep. I'll soon be in your neck of the woods and look forward to my drive in the Harrison Mills area - always so pretty at this time of year.

  4. Love the windmill! How long did it take for the vine to grow to the top of it? It's lovely, as are all the other photos in this post.

  5. So Beautiful! Here in South Alabama we don't get to experience such a drastic change of colors in foliage. We barely have a spring or fall, but the weather has been mild lately and for that I am thankful. I just love stumbling upon new places that hold such a beauty from the hands of our creator!

  6. Our camera's can't stop clicking as you said...the colors are much later this year...but we savor every moment of sunlight and watch the nights dip down to a cool frost, just enough to tip those leaves into a massive color scheme..I'm enjoying this time.

  7. It is so beautiful out there right now. I am happy the colors are taking their time to change. The longer it lasts. .the happier I am. I love that vine on the windmill.
    It's kind of funny ..we were looking at a local map the other day wondering where Stave Lake was in relation to Hatzic Lake. I've never been there either and I was shocked how big it is. I remember being very young and a man my parents knew drowned on that lake. I probably wasn't going to school yet but I remember how shocked thy were to lose this friend.

  8. we live in such a gorgeous part of the province. thanx for sharing the pics, I've lived here all my life and never been to Rolley lake, now I think I really need to go :)

  9. Beautiful photo's and beautiful countryside!

  10. Wow! The vine-covered windmill is gorgeous!

  11. So lovely to catch up on your recent posts! Absolutely gorgeous photos! Love that windmill with the creepers and the colors are wonderful! Good for you for checking out your local attractions!

  12. What a nice day trip! I used to take my kids to Rolley Lake when we lived in Vancouver. It was very quiet and not well known, which made for a nice crowd free beach. If you get the chance, check out White Pines/Sassamat (up by Anmore/Belcarra) they have a wonderful easy hike around the lake. And then there is also Buntzen lake which has a very long hike around it's lake. And tons of movies have been shot there, even parts of the Twilight series.

  13. Beatiful picture of the falls.. I did not know they had falls there.
    Your local day trips are inspiring.

  14. Glad you were able to get out and show us more beautiful scenery...

  15. Wow, I've never seen so many chickens on the loose like that! They look very happy.

    Thank you for sharing all that beautiful country with the rest of us.

  16. Your farm photos are so lovely!

    You will have to go back in the spring when the waterfalls will be even more magnificent from the snow melt, Judy. It looks very peaceful in that park.

    We finally made San Francisco today and rode through heavy cool fog most of the day ..a definite change in weather from San Diego!

  17. What a beautiful way to spend your Sunday afternoon. I love the red vine on the windmill. How pretty is that! Is that the Virginia Creeper? I wonder why it doesn't interfere with the windmill spinning...
    Your photos are beautiful, as usual.


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