Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My morning walk takes me past fields of golden corn...

...though I know that will soon change.

The birds have a field day...
flitting about among the stalks.

Their fun is about to end...
as one by one the fields of corn are being harvested.

We've had a spell of beautiful weather...

...and things have been busy on the farm. 

On the weekend...

 ...the last crop of grass came in from the fields.

The grands were over...
and Micah was in his glory watching trucks and tractors.
He wasn't all that thrilled about leaving his post at the window to have supper...
so Grammy let him eat at a window with a view.
His sister informed him that trucks and tractors were very boring!
He did not believe her.

As of  yesterday...
our corn harvest is done for 2011.

The bunkers are full to overflowing.

We are always thankful when the cropping is done...
and grateful to all the friends and neighbours who pitch in to make it all happen.

And most of all...
we give thanks to God for his bounty!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. And a sigh of relief was heard across the land...

    Michah is adorable and so all boy! What a sweet Grammy to allow him the meal with a view!

    (My grands were most annoyed when the construction on their street finally ended after two years. Parent were thrilled; boys missed "the diggers.")

  2. Fantastic photos, makes me wish I could move right now and live my days on the farm. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Such a good feeling to be done again for the season and then on to the next! Thanking God for a great harvest!

  4. What beautiful pictures. And yes, I'm glad you got your crop in safely.

  5. That little Micah is so cute! I remember the days of vroom vroom when all it took was a piece of yellow heavy equipment to amuse our boy. What an understanding Grandma you are, to serve dinner with a view.
    Your photos are beautiful - although the one of the tractor on the corn slope made me shiver!

  6. Little boys! Love them. We are thankful with you that the harvesting is done. Your views in your part of the country are so beautiful.

    So that corn then all chipped up to store? I've always wondered what they do with corn.

  7. Wonderful!! I have been thinking about your corn since that horrible wind and rain awhile back.Praise God for your good harvest!

    Love your beautiful photos! I feel like I am looking into the window of yor life!

  8. Blessings from the season.....what a great feeling it must be to have the field work done. Your little guy will no doubt one day be behind the wheel of those trucks. He's a cutie!

  9. Great Harvest and that's a darling boy Micah!! Thanks for a peek into another day of your life.

  10. Just wondering... are you able to grow any winter crops there or is the weather too harsh? Enjoyed all of your beuatiful photos. The snow on the mountain is particularly lovely!

  11. Congratulations on getting the corn crop in Judy. Your photo of the birds is a prize winner. I would not be surprised to see the judges pick that photo. Give it a try!

  12. No kidding...overflowing! that is great!

  13. Those farming pictures are absolutely beautiful! It is so good that you are taking pictures of the work that is everyday/every year to you - but most of us never see. I know my boys would have sat right where Micah sat. True life entertainment!

  14. Oh Hip Hip Hooray! So glad the harvesting is done for the year! Love the eating at the window shot. Beautiful photos Judy!

  15. Congratulations. I know it must be a great feeling.

    Gosh, Judy. I am always awed by just how beautiful it is where you live.

  16. That's wonderful the harvesting is done. I really like the third much to look, hayfield, trees, mountains!

  17. Nothing better than the feeling of harvest being complete! and you are right your storehouse is full!!

  18. Without a doubt, I would have been sitting by the window with Micah. I would have eaten all my meals there too, just to see the sights you shared. What a gorgeous part of the world you live in! Like I mentioned recently, "thank you God for farmers". That sunset picture would have had me on your front porch for hours:) Outstanding pictures!

  19. Congratulations on getting all your crops in and stored away!

    My older grandson loves trucks and construction vehicles and the "working men," as he calls them, that operate them. It seems a natural attraction for little boys :)


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