Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the fall garden...

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  
~Albert Camus

One last visit to our local show garden...
before it closes for 2011.

It is always a treat...

...but the garden in fall is just special!

The autumn colours... out to the artist in each of us.

And for those of us who aren't so good with a brush...

...we come with our cameras.

Minter Gardens...
closing for the season this next weekend.
Go quickly!

We made our exit through the gift shop usual.
Everything was reduced to clear-out for the season.
I found some great bargains.
The salesclerk informed me that one of their hot sellers this season had been a local cookbook...
called Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
Unfortunately they were all sold out.
She hoped they would carry it again next year.
I smiled.


  1. What a nice feeling that gave you!!! I am so very happy for you and your success!! What an absolutely lovely place you live.
    Celebrating YOUR time and YOUR place!

  2. You didn't tell her that you were an author of that book? You're so good.

    It always amazes me how beautiful the flowers are in autumn. So many are truly at their very best. The garden you visited is simply gorgeous.

    We have hard freeze warnings for the next three nights. I know that I am not going to protect my posies as I have done earlier. It very nearly breaks my heart to see the morning glory, with over thirty blooms today, be struck down. Gosh, I'm beginning to sound like my daughter-in-law.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Thank goodness for cameras!

  4. That wonderful burst of colour before the frost - it always amazes me. We've had high winds this week, so much is blown away, but it was splendid!

  5. So glad you brought your camera. Your photos are stunning. The flowers are gorgeous and the mountains in the background ... oh my, BEAUTIFUL.
    So cute about the cookbook comment. I made your cauliflower cheese soup out of that cookbook last week and enjoyed it very much.

  6. Seeing beautiful Minter Gardens on your blog is always a treat, Judy! It so good to hear the MGCC cookbook was a best seller in its gift shop.

    It is beginniung to really feel like autumn here!

  7. Ha! That's fun that we made the sold out list! Love that quote about fall...

  8. Are you sure you're not really a professional photographer for magazines? You take the most beautiful photos of the most gorgeous locations! Loved the story about the cookbook being sold out... that is really cool!

  9. That would be a sweet feeling :)

    Lovely fall garden!

  10. OH fun! Did she know you were an author or just stating an important fact?
    I love the quote. .it would have fit perfectly with my post today.
    I looked out the window at my pots today ..but that is as far as it's going ..until the rain stops.

  11. Wonderful colour in those garden beds. That huddle of photographers makes me smile.

  12. Lovely photo's, such a pretty place to visit and well done on the recipe book sell out!

  13. Oh my, Judy. What an incredibly beautiful place. And, your photos are absolutely stunning.

  14. Lots of beauty captured by your camera, is what I find here, time and time again. Today was no exception. Made me want to pack my suitcase and head for one last look at Minter Gardens.

    Along with the photography found here, I appreciate your quiet, humble spirit. Your response to that lady at the giftshop, was a perfect example. You must have been blessed by her comment, and someday maybe she will be, with your simple response.


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