Friday, October 14, 2011

simple things...

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.  
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

One of the sweet pleasures of  the season is the fall blooming clematis...
with it's heavenly scent.

The bees thinks so too.

Crisp apples from the garden...
another simple pleasure of the season.

As of today...
only the red ones remain.

It quite fun to pick five varieties of apples from one wee tree!

Though we haven't found much pleasure in the downpours we had this week...
a few wee drops on a leaf look quite lovely.

If enough people think of a thing and work hard enough at it...
I guess it's pretty nearly bound to happen...
wind and weather permitting.
  ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

There are enough people thinking of getting our fall cropping completed...
and working hard towards it...
and if the weather permits...
the last crop of grass for this year will soon be in the barns.
They cut well into the evening yesterday.
There is sunshine in the forecast.
We have hope.


  1. Eight hours ago? Were you up in the night cutting that grass?

    Oh my. Your photography is just so impressive. Love the water drops on the leaves and the photo of your home against the Mt.Cheam (?) backdrop. Just lovely.

  2. Now how'd you do that? Change up the time? Or is Blogger being capricious again?

  3. I love the look of that clematis!!

    Happy cropping :)

  4. The clematis is really lovely - so full and wedding-like. I hope you have a sunny weekend!

  5. Thank you for once again providing a moment of serenity in my busy day. Your photos are gorgeous (as always). You have a beautiful home with an awesome view!

  6. Thinking about you and praying too that the crop will be able to come in by the end of the weekend!

  7. The life of a farmer is not for the coward that is for sure. Late days and early mornings. My farmer came in close to 7:30 last night. .calling it a day. It's a good thing they make tractors with headlights!
    I'm so happy for another fair weather day for you.

  8. I've tried taking a picture of a bee.. it's not easy! I like your Laura Ingals Wilder quotes...
    Here's hoping for the sun to come out and you can finish the work.
    Will there be a dance after?

  9. Your farm looks absolutely stunning with Mt. Cheam in the background. And so good to see you having a blast with your camera!

  10. It's blue skies here today and I'm hoping the same for you. Getting the last of the harvest in will be such a relief.

    What a gorgeous clematis. It looks like the one I have that blooms in the spring. Same color and flower shape. I was surprised to notice a few blooms on it just yesterday. Does yours blooms twice a year?

  11. You must have the most amazing view of stars on a clear night out there in your wide-open farmland...or so I like to imagine. It is certainly beautiful country...and I enjoyed your little tour of autumn delights. I may live in the midst of a crowded, noisy city, but whenever I come visit your blog I can enjoy some peaceful scenes of green loveliness...

  12. Very beautiful. Thank you for making everyone feel welcome. I could just crawl up beside you and relax. You have a wonderful view.

  13. I saw your clematis last week and admired how it just covered the arbour. I have the same plant on my arbour and hope it will someday take over like yours has! Hope you have success in getting those crops in.

  14. Your clematis is a thing of beauty. So glad you shared that beauty with us.
    How interesting to have all of those apples on one little tree.
    I hope sunny skies return long enough for the harvesting to be completed.
    Your home looks so pretty in your photo.

  15. This is the fullest clematis I've ever beautiful! I am in California this week and I'm marveling over all the beauty I am finding as we travel up the coast.

    I hope all the grass will be harvested in time and you can soon relax a little, Judy. "Work is love made visible" ~ Kahlil Gibran

  16. Hope you get the grass in and I love the diaper cake...beautiful, sweet and very professional! Hope you drop by and enter my give's an apron! :-)

  17. Good luck, Judy. You will be relieved when it's over. Our barley harvest is still at a standstill but repairs have been ordered and it means another trip to Edmonton - perhaps 10 or 15 minutes in Winners - I'm crossing my fingers! Your clematis is breathtaking!

  18. I would think that you never tire of going home, with a location like you have. A lovely home backed up to those breathtaking mountains. Wow! Just beautiful! As is your photography. The water drops on the leaves and the busy working bee...made my visit here so enjoyable...again.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson