Thursday, October 20, 2011

cranberry time...

For the first time in history...cranberries are being harvested in my neighbourhood.  We watched with interest several years ago as the fields which were once grazed by horses...became a nursery for cranberry plants.

Yesterday I noticed one of the fields was flooded...and soon the first cranberry harvest was underway next door.

The water is only about eight inches above the vines...and a harvester is driven through the beds to separate the fruit from the vines.  I didn't stick around to see how the floating berries were removed from the pond...but big trucks were on hand to take away the first crop of cranberries.  So now I know where my cranberries come from.

I took a hint from Lorrie and poured half of my hot cranberry sauce into wee jars and sealed them when I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  How nice to cranberry sauce on hand!

Here's a tasty little cranberry sauce appetizer that I sampled recently at a friend's.  Brush baguette slices with with olive oil and sprinkle with poultry-seasoning-herb-mix.  Broil on high until golden brown...and serve with cranberry sauce. 

In juice...or as a saucy topping for poultry...cranberries are the best.  And good for you too!


  1. Oh yum! Cranberries are a fav around here for eating and decorating. That was a very interesting post, Judy. I can't believe that you left before seeing the cranberries off! (Loved seeing your neighbor's laundry on the line, too.)

  2. We love cranberries here to. I'll often make a cranberry glaze for pork chops or skinless chicken breasts. I love the idea of that appetizer.

  3. I was observing those cranberries this weekend. Great little idea about canning a few jars.
    I love Vee's idea about fact a Have a wreathe on my piano year round. Really I just never seemed to have taken it down and now for a light dusting, I'm ready for Christmas??

  4. How great to venture out into cranberry farming. I wonder if they'll think it's worth continuing...
    Your cranberry sauces look delicious and that appetizer sounds real good...

  5. I am always fascinated with the harvesting of cranberries. I would love to see the process some day.

    I always put up some of my cranberry chutney when I prepare it at Thanksgiving. It is a nice treat for later.

  6. I love cranberries and that hint about putting half in jars right away is a great idea. We're just full of tips here today. :)
    That appy sounds really yummy too.

  7. That harvesting looks so cool - I have never seen that before (even in pictures)....I do love cranberries but don't use them terribly often!

  8. Are you going to share the cranberry sauce recipe too? Just sayin'... how am I going to fill jars with half my recipe without a recipe.

  9. I found this to be a most interesting post. Who would have thought that you would get to share the harvesting of cranberries with us! That last recipe is one I must try. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Mmm, that snack/appetizer sounds delicious. I do love cranberries. Thanks for the link up.

  11. It is so interesting to see the photos of the new cranberry farms are being developed there. I love the appetizer idea!


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