Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the weekend in the rearview mirror...

Now that I've had a moment to put my feet up...
I'll share a few thoughts about the weekend past.

We have the most amazing little gift shop in our town...
whose owner invited us (MGCC team) to join her at the West Coast Women's Show this past weekend.

What a great time it was!

The Winks booth was the nicest one at the trade show...
in my unbiased opinion.

We had such fun meeting the shoppers...
and all those who came by to say 'hi'...
or to have a cookbook signed.

I'm remembering some of those fine folks~
...the master painter from the booth next door who came to buy a book
...the gal who said she had the book and called it her 'idiot proof cookbook'
...the one who didn't even bother to look at the book but bought several because she loved our cause
...the two gals who remember me as their Pioneer Girls Club leader from eons ago (really?)
...Amy from Star FM who came by to purchase a book before work
...the gal who got us to sign her book just as we were about to go on stage for our cooking demo
...the one who was purchasing a book for her Mennonite husband in hopes that he will learn to cook
...the gal who flew in from Calgary just to have us sign her book!

And yes...
we did two cooking demos at the Kitchen Theatre.

We've all had a chance to watch Chef Dez in action as he does his cooking classes.
This time he introduced us...
and said kind things about us...
and came back for a taste test after the show.

Those who were there had a chance to sample waffles with custard and berry sauce...
and fall soups after the second demo.

We just gave out wee samples.

Those who wanted more...
bought the cookbook and went home to cook up their own!

 If you are still wanting a cookbook...
I know my friend Pondside is giving one away over on her blog this week.
Go pay her a visit!

I'm buying a tree...
having a pedicure that I won at a fundraiser...
and having a visit from some grandgirlies this afternoon.

It's all good!

Have a great day...


  1. How wonderful to be the first this morning....and to think that both of us got to drive in and supervise the booth while Wendy and gang took some breaks. Ah yes...we can do it all.
    We've been supervising for years.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. It's fun to read about the same event from three different sources. You may overlap, but there's always each gal's unique perspective. Have a fun day...it sounds so relaxing!

  3. Ah ..love your take on the weekend Judy. It is always so wonderful how we are a team and yet all see things with a different talent for documenting it.
    You sound like you are in for the most perfect day. Have fun!

  4. Yes ... I always enjoy your take and your photos... even if I was there. Enjoy your day!

  5. I've enjoyed reading the various perspectives of you MGCC girls. And I definitely want to visit Winks next time I'm in Chilliwack.

    Now, what kind of a tree are you buying?

  6. We love Amy! She is hilarious and once she gets cooking your recipes...you might just be hearing all about it on the radio! LOL. A successful, God Blessed, weekend! YAY. And today sounds quite fabulous too!

  7. You are buying a tree? Now, that sounds like an interesting story.
    And it's good to run into people from our past whom we have served in some way, like these Pioneer Girls, and to see them still going on, isn't it? have a great day, sounds busy as usual.

  8. I too enjoyed your version of our weekend. So many fun little things happened! Blessings on your day...

  9. Sometimes life presents some unexpected surprises for all of us. This whole cookbook episode would probably fall under the "unexpected surprise" category for the ten of you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the pictures. What fun!

  10. Next time I'm visiting my sis she's going to have to take me to Winks! Sounds like you all had fun!

  11. It is wonderful that the response to the MGCC cookbook has been so supportive! I'm sure you all have a lot of fun when you gather to sign books and do cooking demos. Your jobs are love made visible, Judy!

  12. Like the others, I really enjoyed reading about this event from several perspectives. I can't wait to visit Winks, and may just make it there tomorrow before it closes! I've been enlarging the photos of the booth and doing a little 'pre' shopping!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson