Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lilacs for lucy...

As I mentioned yesterday...
I was going tree-shopping!

I came home with a little lilac tree...
and by the time lunch rolled around...
the tree was planted.

and it was time for Lucy to have her own tree.

Magnolia for Maggie...
lilac for Lucy.
It just seemed right!

The tree was barely settled in it's new spot...
when Lucy stopped by to check it out.
I think she liked it!

So...Grammy was supposed to pick Lucy out of the line-up above.
Hmmm...both babies look the same to me!
Only Mommy knows for sure.
Maggie (left) ~ Lucy (right)...
both at three months of age.

I suggest Mommy label all her baby photos!

Have a wonderful Wednesday....


  1. Lucy and Maggie are both beautiful!
    I love your tree tradition. I'm sure that Grandma and Grandpa's house is already seen as a magical place, but knowing that one of the trees is really just hers will always be special for Lucy.

  2. What a lovely tradition you have, a tree for each grandchild! And those 2 girlies sure do look alike. I thought the one on the left might have been your daughter, with the vintage looking dress on. Dairymary

  3. What a great tribute to your grandkids - a tree in their honor. Lucy sure looks like her mama!

  4. Hhhmmm...Auntie Broni is looking at the pics and Lucy is the one on the right side of my computer screen! Are you sure you got it right Grammy? :)

  5. OOOPs. I think Grammy better go back and identify the babies correctly! I guess I don't know my right from my left today. Thanks, Broni.

  6. And now you have me thoroughly confused, because often my right is really the other right, too. Good thing we have an age difference with these two little girls. May the trees, like the girls, grow beautifully!

  7. I love that tradition - I think I'll file it away and hope that no unusual first letters are chosen :)

  8. Good idea! So it's mama on the left and Lucy on the right. Lucy does favor her mama.

    Wonderful idea this tree planting and a lilac for Lucy sounds like a good name for a book, too!

  9. Oh good heavens! What terrible virus called "Confused" is going around today? Ha! I'll get it right...sisters who favor one another. I suggest that you toss Heidi's photo in just to really confuse me. =}

  10. Twins! Born years a part. Can that be possible?
    My grandfather planted rose bushes in his family's honor.

  11. what a nice tradition....i sure can see the father's side of the family in those gorgeous girls...;)

  12. It will be fun for you to watch those little gals grow....praying that their roots in Jesus will grow deep and sturdy......and yet be delicate and lovely with the sweet tenderness of Jesus to those that pass by them or stop to spend time. They will one day love 'their' tree.
    I have 'Summer Song' in my back was planted in November 2005....and Summer already knows her plant.

  13. What a lovely tradition! May Lucy be an awesome fragrance for the Lord! They are both beautiful and precious babies!!

  14. Love this tradition Judy! Little Lucy is so sweet and a lilac tree is perfect!

  15. We planted a tree when our son was born, and then another when our grandson arrived.

    Lilacs for Lucy. It sounds like a perfect match. I love the pictures. They are both adorable.

  16. I love that tradition you started. I would have to find trees all different ages to catch up.
    Wow amazing how similar the girls look at the same age. Both very cute!

  17. I am in the proces of scanning old slides and pictures... oh boy.. is it ever important to date and put the name on photos.
    It would have saved some time checking out further details to come to the right conclusions. I have baby pictures... not my imediate family.. who are going into the trash ... I do no know who they are.

  18. What a lovely tradition to plant trees for each grandchild. I do wish I would have thought of that, although today it feels like I would have a forest at our location. Your two little ones look like twins. I hope she marks all of her pictures.

  19. They could be twins! And I luuuuuuv the are going to have a forest before you know it!

  20. Such beautiful babies - both of them. And I love your tradition of planting trees for each one. Lilacs for Lucy sounds just perfect!

  21. Maggie and Luck=y look so much alike!

    Your tree planting tradition is a wonderful idea, Judy. Beautiful trees for beautiful girls.

  22. Oh goodness, they are alike aren't they? Luckily their trees are quite different! What wonderful things for them to have as they grow older.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson