Thursday, December 8, 2011

celebrating 'the man with the hat'...

He is actually a man who wears many hats...and wears them well.
On Sunday he wore the 'big 50' hat...
just to try it on for size.
His wife arranged a big party in his honour...
a surprise that she almost managed to pull off!

Fify-ish of his friends and family gathered to celebrate Dave!
It was a fun time...
where we heard lots of stories from the last five decades.
And we heard tributes from those who know Dave well.
You never tell Dave it can't be done...
because he will always find a way!
He's funny, he's musical, he's loyal, he is a hard worker, a true friend...
and a devoted husband and father.
Oh...and  terrific cousin.
And what really came through is what Dave values most in life...
and that would be his relationship with God!

His parents flew out from Manitoba to add to the surprise.
And since they were here just a little while ago...
it was definitely a surprise that they were back.
Someone at the party came and introduced themselves to me.
I gave my name...
and added that I was Dave's cousin.
They replied that they knew that...
since I looked so much like his mom.
Too funny!

Aunt Justina and I have been hearing that for the past four decades.
But here's the thing...
she is married to my uncle...
so we are not really related.

When the birthday party was all but over...
and the birthday song had been well sung...
the usual band formed in the corner.

Ron and Terry...
two of my brother-in-laws...
along with the birthday boy, Dave...
make great music together!
They could take the show on the road...
but mostly they just take it to family gatherings.
The best of the Eagles...
for our listening pleasure.

Oh...and if you happen to see the 'man with the hat' out and about today...
be sure to wish him a happy 50th!
Today is the day.


  1. Fun post Judy! Happy birthday to the man in the hat!

  2. Your family is great. I always enjoy the family gatherings and the fun you have. You know, you and your aunt do favor each other. I'd say, if I were to guess, that your uncle selected someone who reminded him of someone he already knew and loved. =) I hope that Dave enjoys his 50th year immensely!

  3. OH that family resemblance is incredible and even more incredible that it she married your uncle of all things. Wow.
    I love the glimpse into your family gathering.

    We love Dave too. ..and couldn't agree with you more in your assessment of him wearing many hats and he wears them well.

    I sure do wish we had musical men to entertain us at family parties. Lucky!!

  4. Wow Judy, you and your aunt really do resemble each other! Looks like Dave had a great party...

  5. The family resemblance is uncanny, especially considering that you're not truly related!
    It's nice that your cousin, with a birthday in December, doesn't get cheated out of his own birthday celebration!

  6. Wow! You and your aunt sure do look alike! I can't believe that she's not a blood relative! Funny how that is!

  7. I remember as a child in Lac La Hache we called them Uncle Dave and Aunt Justina (honourary Aunts and Uncles are fun, too!). I also remember a few other escapades, they were great sports!! I was so pleased to see your picture since we haven't seen each other in many, many years!!

  8. I love the hat! Happy 50th to Dave! What a fun gathering.

    You and your aunt by marriage do look alike - it is remarkable.

  9. Sounds like a fun party! You really do look alike.
    Happy Birthday to Dave.

  10. Happy 50th birthday, Dave! The best part of life is ahead of you!

    You and Justina do resemble each other enough to be sisters, Judy! Perhaps there is a common link many generations ago?

  11. Lots of fun! Music always adds to the pleasure. And yes,m you sure do look like your aunt "who's not related"!

  12. Birthdays are fun, whether you are 50 or 59...but the best birthday is yet to come..
    Maybe you will need to invite that band to produce a little bit of life..
    Just picked up my glasses from PP.

  13. Birthdays are fun, whether you are 50 or 59...but the best birthday is yet to come..
    Maybe you will need to invite that band to produce a little bit of life..
    Just picked up my glasses from PP.

  14. Happy 50th Dave, sorry we couldn't celebrate with you, have thought of you today and look forward to seeing you at Christmas!
    love the Baerg's in Manitoba!

  15. Hi Judy...

    Merry Christmas...been catching up on my blog visits this evening. Thanks for your visit btw.

    What a fun your photo of your house (header), gorgeous!


  16. Judy you are one busy lady. I was just browsing through your last several posts. Lots of fun and family. I love that you take breaks and do some traveling. You are a great role model...I wanna be like you when I grow up;)

    Seriously I love my family but having a break makes it all the more delightful to jump right in when you get back home.

    My list is getting checked off too, but those Christmas cards are next. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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  18. You and your Aunt Justina...look way too related to not be blood relatives! Tell the boy band to "Rock On"!

  19. You and your aunt do resemble each other, especially your warm smiles. Sounds like you all had so much fun together. I hope your uncle has a wonderful year being 50. I liked these pictures.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson