Tuesday, December 6, 2011

trumpeter swans...or unwelcome squatters?

The sun was shining....
the air was crisp...
and the view out the window was quite lovely.

The trumpeter swans have arrived in the valley for the winter...
and are taking up residence wherever they please.
'they pleased' to settle in our fields.
We try our best to discourage them...
since they do a lot of damage to the crops...
but they weren't in any hurry to move on.

I pulled on my boots...
grabbed my Canon...
and walked among them.
Some took a short hike...
and came back.
Others were not moved at all! 
They do make a lovely picture though.

The day was not entirely for the birds, however.
It's December...
and I managed to fit in a game of tennis in the afternoon...
with a friend.
The fruitcake is baked...
and the Christmas cards are ready to be mailed.
I'm checking my list!


  1. They do make a fine photo but I'm sure they are a nuisance for the farm. Maybe a couple of Border Collies could discourage them :0)

  2. Too bad they are a problem because they ARE so pretty! Looks like scattered yard ornaments!

    I always enjoy the views from your window!!

    It is a wintery kind of day here in Texas! Yhe high will be 39 degrees with a chance of snow!

  3. Your Canon was very effective - and made no big booms to scare them off! LOL! Good shots!

  4. Lord I love it when you get your Canon and go walkies~ it's always a treat, always

  5. oh they are so pretty and at least they are providing beauty for their trouble. Those photos are gorgeous. What a view!
    Glad you got in that game of tennis. Fantastic!!

  6. I had to smile at grabbing your Cannon.. was thinking something else at first.
    They do make a pretty picture!

  7. So E.B. White's classic The Trumpet of the Swan is not a favorite there? =) I can just imagine the damage all those birds can do. Send in the grands!

  8. Great photos with the snowy mountain as a back drop!!!!

  9. It was such a perfect day for a few of us...who won't forget that we can play tennis in December...it may take a bit longer to warm up..but it truly was fun.

  10. They look so beautiful with the white mountain top in the background! Perhaps if you let a few dogs run around in the fields they chose another spot?

    It is a busy time of the year, isn't it? I will be celebrating two Christmases..can't wait!

  11. You have a gorgeous "front porch" indeed! Hope the swans decide to move on soon. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  12. It appears that you chased a few of them up to our neck of the woods! They sure are gorgeous looking.

  13. What breath taking views and those beautiful birds just add to the beauty. But I can imagine what pests they must be. We used to be invaded by black swan years ago when we lived on a harbour and they were a first class pest.

  14. Swans, Christmas Cake and Tennis - only a BC blogger could get all that into a post on December 6th!

  15. It sounds like your swans are as big of a nuisance as our wild geese are. We(as in this county) try everything to get rid of them. They do make a beautiful picture though.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson